January 18, 2010
By Underblock BRONZE, Midland, Texas
Underblock BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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"There are only two people who can tell you about yourself, an enemy who has lost his temper, or a friend who loves you dearly."- Unknown.

I begin to walk. The small creaks from the stairs are barely audible over the load roar of the noise in the basement. Tears begin to fill my eyes as I see the figure of my eighteen year old girfriend torn to shreds on the hard concrete floor that makes up the garage. What is happening? is all I can think. I slowly step over the remaining body parts of Lisa and i begin to make myself towards a door left slightly ajar. There are inhuman sounds coming from it. Sounds that are not from this world. I begin to go towards the door when I begin to hear the screams. Shrieks of terror are coming from that room! Panic fills me up, but fear is not an option for me now. I open the door and instantally the room goes black. "Who goes there?" I shout,"why are you doing this to us." Complete silence. "Answer me," I shout. A boost of confidence shoots through me. Then... the lights turn on. I am in a room, but not the room I am expecting. It's a padded room. Everything is padded with a soft fabric. I am even securely covered from head to toe with the material. I try to think back. To the house. To the room left slightly ajar. The killer! Then I realize, it might have been me all along. Was it me? How could it have been. Then the lights turn off and I am somewhere else. Somewhere i dont reconignize. The place is a grey and silent. I begin to panic. Where am I?

The author's comments:
A random piece on a boy who is mentally ill.

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