The Inhabitants of Bachelor’s Grove

January 18, 2010
By Steve Woods BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Steve Woods BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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One dark and foggy night on the thirty-first of October, two teenage boys, James and Neil, sat watching a television program called “The most haunted places in the world.” Upon hearing of a Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery located near their location in the Chicago area, they were immediately intrigued and consented to follow up and confirm what they had seen on the television program.

The two boys set out together in Neil’s shabby, blue 1986 Ford Taurus around 10 o’clock p.m. The night sky was dark and a deep fog had set in almost completely obscuring the full moon that just peeked out from above. As they made their way down the streets of a southwest suburb of Midlothian neither of the boys said a word, but both squirmed in their seats in anxiety about what awaited them in the cemetery. Just before arriving at the point in the road where they were to turn off to get to the cemetery, they encountered another car that appeared in front of them. They had not seen the car before, but dismissed it by saying that the fog must have concealed it from view. However when they reached the turn they found that the car in front also was turning left to enter the cemetery. They thought this odd, but then a thought entered their minds that maybe it was another person who had seen the same television program and merely wanted to venture through the cemetery and that they would have more people to accompany them into the eerie grounds. This thought was suddenly diminished as the car suddenly faded away into the night and ceased to exist entirely. Initially they both attempted to convince each other that no car had existed at all and although the two verbally agreed to have not seen anything at all, Neil and James both silently knew what they had seen.

But, the two boys had not come to this cemetery just to see a car that may or may not have been there at all and simply leave. So James being the first to carefully step out of the car, followed by Neil, set out along the gravel path that led into a deep and ominous forest. Along each side of the path weeds grew in every direction showing no sign of a living human traveling down this path in a very long time. Fear steadily crept into their minds, but they continued their silent vigil until faced with a tall and rusted iron fence topped with barbed wire to keep trespassers away. Seeing as it would be nearly impossible to climb the fence, Neil and James agreed to wander around near the fence to see if they could find a hole in it somewhere. Without any surprise the two discovered a hole just big enough for a person to slip through and enter the grounds.

From the program they had watched only an hour earlier, they both knew that they would have to travel along another gravel path next to a pond if they were to reach their final destination. Finding this path was no problem and they again started to trudge toward the cemetery. The two constantly scanned the area with an occasional glance back over their shoulders to ensure that they were alone. Then, without warning the water in the pond started to shift, but upon surveying the trees, they could not see or feel any change in the wind. When they turned back to the pond they stopped dead in their tracks confronted with a spectral horse pulling a plow with a man hovering above the water and passing them on the path, but not at all adhering to their very existence. They quickly turned to each other and stared in disbelief until Neil began to run and James followed suit. They neither knew where to nor why they were running, but neither stopped until they saw a house and just beyond it the cemetery. The house was welcoming, painted white with a nice porch and a candle glowing near the door. This house brought a feeling of security to them so they consented to enter the house and hopefully find help there.

The two boys were never heard of or seen again, in living human flesh that is.

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