January 23, 2010
Chapter One: In the Beginning


“Silence!” exclaimed Mrs. McGravy. I just sighed and went back to reading my book. She had to be the worst teacher in the existence of Merriam High School, if not the worst teacher EVER. I mean what kind of name is McGravy? Some greasy sauce to go on the chicken nuggets at McDonalds? Ugh. Anyway, Mrs. McGravy teaches eleventh grade English, and she had picked the weirdest book for us to read. It was a story of a man who was a crazy alcoholic who kills his wife. What a lunatic. That may be a good book, but in reality the main portion of it was the police interview.

Ding, ding, ding! The class jumped up and basically ran out the door. It was lunchtime and I headed toward my locker to meet up with Kassidy.


People thought they knew me. But there was only one person that really did, and that was Baylee. Practically my sister, only held apart by blood. We had suffered similar fates. Our parents had grown up together, so we have known each other since birth. On the outside, I look like the typical happy teenage. I go through school normally, like everyone else. But the only one that really knows is Baylee and she knows it exactly.

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