The White Barn (Part 3)

January 22, 2010
By TheBKLounge23 BRONZE, Dubuque, Iowa
TheBKLounge23 BRONZE, Dubuque, Iowa
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Dust drifted behind Jessica as she flew down the dirt path back across to her property. Behind her was black smoke flowing in the air as they burnt the flesh of poor little Samantha. She back to the board of trees, and found the opening to the other side.
Her body jumped through the opening doorway
through the trees, and before her feet touched the ground another sharp pain struck to her head again. The pain forced her to the ground, and after a short 10 seconds she got back on her feet and headed straight to her back porch door to get her parents.
While Jessica’s father was on the computer fiddling
with his fantasy league on the internet and her mother in the kitchen fixing up the lunch that Jessica was supposed to be back for she comes flying in with a strong and fearful rage. She was running so fast that the wetness on the bottom of her shoes from running through the wet grass made her slip on the marble kitchen floor almost smacking her head off the ground. Her mother rushes over to pick her up, as her father comes flying in from the dining room.
“Jessie, what’s the problem?” her mother asked. Jessica sat on the now wet kitchen floor crying so hard that she can’t even speak her words out clear. Finally she got her s*** straight and told her mother and father what she witnessed, “In the white barn across the field there’s a group of people who murdered an innocent little girl.”
The looks on her parent’s faces were shocked and
confused. They had no idea what she was talking about.
“Jessie honey, what are talking about? This isn’t one of your sick little jokes is it because it’s never funny to joke about that stuff?” Her father spoke cleared to her. She got up, “Just follow me and come see for yourself.” She booked it back out the porch door leaving her parent’s to follow.
Through the trees she went again, but this time there was no sharp pain in her head. Good thing it was track season, or she thought she wouldn’t get back up there in time to stop the mob. She sprinted through the doorway of the barn like a finish line tape from a race.
Then she stopped herself in the middle of the barn
trying to catch her breath. She looks up and sees nothing but a bunch of hay stacked around and a view ropes hanging on the walls, and she also saw that red light still flashing in front of her face. She was too late. The mob was gone and so was Samantha, and nothing left but this damn flashing red light. The anger in Jessica made her want to destroy the flashing light, so she ripped out one of
the two by fours from the floor of the barn.
She walked back over to the flashing light with the
piece of wood swung back getting ready to swing at it, but before she could get a swing in the sharp pain finally came to her head. Then she stopped right under the flashing light with her right hand placed directly on her forehead.
Suddenly coming from the open hole from the missing two by four a root from underneath the barn came crawling up and out into the open.
It stretched out from the ground underneath the
barn, and crawled its way across the wooden floor and over to Jessica. The pain was longer and more brutal this time that Jessica couldn’t focus on anything. Not even knowing about the root sneaking from behind her. The root reached its distance and started to coil around Jessica’s ankles, and snapped a tight fit. It gave a strong forcing pull that flipped Jessica’s body forward landing face
down on to the hard wooden floor.
She broke her nose instantly, as it snapped to the left side of her face. The root was pulling her back into the open hole. While she was being dragged across the barn she screamed as the blood from her nose oozed out making a straight line just like when someone chalks the base lines before a game.
Jessica still had the strength to keep the two by four in her hand, but it wouldn’t help for time like this. Her toes were the first to go through the hole, and then her legs started to arch forward into the hole. Then her body rose up like she was coming up from a push up. It started swallowing her down the long thin strip until it pasted her skinning legs, and reached to her waist where she got stuck.
Slowly, but painfully it started squeezing her through.
The hole was to thin that as she was getting pulled down it started squeezing her so hard her ribs started to crack and brake. It got up to her breasts where it started to push so hard against her chest that at the moment she wishes she didn’t grow up with a breast size of 36-B. She felt slivers digging into her breasts making it more painful. Her organs were finally crushed and all the blood came up and out of her mouth.
One arm went through and still one out. The hole was at her neck with her arm up and out in the open with two by four still in her hand.
Now came the brutal and horrifying part for Jessica.
Her head was stuck in the hole. The force of her head going down in the hole jammed her jaw tight together. She couldn’t scream no more only make a loud moan. Finally her jaws snap, and slowly her head eases down the hole as her eyes start to bleed from all the internal damage from inside her head. Then like a quick snap her head pass through and the arm came flying in. She let go of the two by four, and just let the rest of her through. The two by four bounced once of the ground and landed perfect back in the same spot Jessica had removed it from.
In suddenly came just 1 minute after Jessica was
sucked into the ground was her mother and father.
“Jessie?” yelled her mother. “Jessica?” yelled her father.
They looked around the barn. No one was around there was nothing out of place, and the floor was spotless. They walked around and all of a sudden Jessica’s mother spotted Jessica’s silver watch on the floor over by where her life was just taken from. She picked it and showed her husband, and they both agreed that they need to call the police. So they started to walk their way out of the barn.
Once they reached the end of the doorway Jessica’s
father shut the two doors behind him, and him and his wife quickly paced back down the hill.
“We better hurry it looks like its going to storm, and
who knows where Jessica could be.” Said Jessica’s father.
“God I just hope nothing happened to her.” Worried her mother. They walked away from the red barn where their child was missing from.
The skies are grey, and the clouds cried with tears.
Rain had fallen upon the earth.
Across from Jessica Fringe’s house was a red barn. In that red barn Jessica lost her life. Nothing now but the pouring rain falling on the barn. The rain brushed so hard up against the sides that the barn looked like it was melting on a hot sunny day. The red paint on the barn started slowly flowing down like blood from a wound. The red paint started to flow its way down the hill on top of the dirt path while the red mixed in with the mud.
All that was left was the hidden white paint from
underneath, just like little Miss Jessica Fringe’s grave.


The author's comments:
The final part of my short story, "The White Barn"

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