The White Barn (Part 2)

January 22, 2010
Jessica had no clue in what was going on, yet she
wasn’t in Iowa no more. She had the strange feeling like she was in an episode of The Twilight Zone, but Rod Sterling wasn’t in the picture.
Slowly she walked her distance from the ragged old
Woman, and watched as the mob threw stones at the poor little girl leaving marks and bruise upon her body.
One thick stone was thrown from the back of the crowd, And Jessica saw the stone connecting to her head, and knocking her down. Samantha reaches back on her feet and just kept on walking.
Once Samantha reached to the hay stack the
executioner grasped her arm, and with full force he pulls her up. Her hands were tied behind her back with a thin piece of rope. She was forced on her knees in front of the guillotine as carefully placed her head right beneath falling blade. Samantha was faced down looking at the basket that was there to capture the severed head.
The executioner stepped away with the pulling rope
in his hand. The priest that was running this execution had walked in front of Samantha, and kneeled down and asked her to open her mouth. The priest placed a crucifix on the top of her tongue, and asked her to slowly swallow it. The
priest then stepped away.
The mob was roaring with so much anger. The
comments that we’re being made just disgusted Jessica.
Samantha raised her head up, and she would look straight at Jessica smiling with a bloody lip. Jessica stood still not knowing how to react to the situation that is happening at the moment. Jessica’s hands were shaking like in winter storm with mittens. She felt that she should do something, but she doesn’t even know the young girl, but doesn’t mean she should let her die.
The executioner placed his pointed black hood over
His head once he got the signal from the priest. Then he would get a good grip on the rope, and he looked back at the priest waiting for his cue. Jessica looked at the priest with his hands crossed at his waist, as he stared down at Samantha. After a minute went by the priest looked over at the executioner gave one nod, and he nod back.
The force from the executioner’s hands tugged the
rope so hard that he had gotten rope blisters on the palm of his hands. The rope unhooked the pin from the sharp blade, and the blade began to fall. The machine stood ten feet tall. It seemed like it would take the blade along time to get all the way down, but the blade was so big and light that pretty much when that pin disconnects, and that blade comes down fast like a bullet coming out of a gun.
Jessica jumped after here the pin snap from the blade and she quickly looked back at Samantha’s face still smiling at her. It’s like this little girl didn’t give a rat’s butt if she dies.
The blade was inches away from her neck. Her head
was still looking up at Jessica, and once the blade reached her skin it cut through her skin and bones clean and smooth. With her spinal cord bent from looking up the blade snapped through the cord making the severed head shot across the room like a spring from a ballpoint pin.
Once the head was in the air a pressure of blood burst out from the neck’s wound, as it sprayed in the air. It dropped to the ground and started hoping across the floor leaving a blood trail behind. Finally it slowed its pace down and was
stopped by Jessica’s feet. She looked down at Samantha’s severed heard on her shoes still smiling at her with that same smile she gave her before she was killed.
The fear that Jessica was building inside finally came out. Her scream had a very high pitch to it. You could actually hear her over the angry mob cheering about the death of little Samantha.
She kicks the head off her feet and burst out the barn like a bat out of hell. Someone out the mob went to pick up the severed head from up off the ground, and as they held the head up to the mob they yelled, “Now let’s burn this girl back to where she came from!” The mob cheered with agreement.

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