The Eyes Of Destiny

January 22, 2010
By , Chester, VA
I run, I run for my life, for my child still alive in my stomach, miraculously. It is cold, I pull my coat tight around my neck, afraid that he will find me, constantly looking over my shoulder, terrified that he will kill me, take my child and raise it as his own. Raise it to be evil and malicious just as he is. I run not from a murderer, nor do I run from a thief, I run from my husband.
I stop to rest on a lone boulder, and breathe a sigh of relief as I look, once again, over my shoulder and see not him chasing after me with his army, but the grasses now wet with dew, swaying in the wind. I gaze at the grasses and watch as the light from the rising sun catches the water on the thin blades just right, and throws rays of dazzlingly bright light across the pasture.
You must be very confused, you wonder who I am, and why I must run, it is complicated and all will be explained in due time, as for now I must rest my eyes and my body for I have another long journey ahead of me.

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