The next door neighbor

January 22, 2010
By willie SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
willie SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
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Today is Monday Finally the VECC School is over and I was already going to tech club it so fun to go there. Because you can build anything that you wont, like boat and airplane, today I think we are building a minter house with rooms land some bed and windows I think the project was great, but the others was moaning about how boring it was and how pointless it was. Finally the time was over and every body was glad they thought they were going on for ever. So we talked for a little bit before the called the walkers and some of my friends wanted to walk with me so I said “ok” .the annocument rang “walkers you can leave”. So we left and we walked all of my friends had take a turn so they can go home.
When I arrived to the front of my house , and the front door was already open and when I went in I felt this very cold breeze when it pass by me it felt heavy on me so I took two steps it was pitch black so I walked to the nearest light switch and I turned it on and it work I was relive that It work then I turn on the light on the house because I was scared that somebody was inside the house and I was kind of paranoid of being hear alone then I went to my phone to see if it work and it did so I called my mom because she the only one hear since she never and brother too and then the plate fell from the kitchen it was so scary I really jump out if the pants so I grab a bat and went downstairs I was so scared but not scarred enough to get the person who ever was downstairs then I was downstairs I just the plait on the floor with million piece on the floor. So just stood there until guy came out and I saw something It was a shadow so I ran fast I can to the guy and with all of my might I hit him on the leg so he cant walk or attack me and I can the bones getting crushed

Then slowly as I walked to the guy it was the next door neighbor I couldn’t believe it. I told him what are u doing hear he said nothing then I said why are you hear then I grab the phone to call the police then when I turn back he wasn’t there as the police man pick up the phone I called to get hear fast as he could I was terrify I ran to the front door so I grab the door knob and I as I grab it I felt these cold hands on my face the guy grab so tight then as my last breath I heard the siren the police was coming I hope they will come before he could vanish.
Then I saw his feet, he wasn’t walking he was running, but back wards. He was like flying and he took me to my back yard. This guy was like a robot, why is he doing this to me I had nothing to do with this guy. He stop he laid me down then he started to choke me I couldn’t bereave, was this the end of me was this final act of a guy who hates; I wish I was strong enough to take him down, everything started to look bleary. Then I heard a gun shot and then I saw the man there a hole in the head I couldn’t believe he was dead as the police man approach to me to see I was ok .then I took a deep breath to regain my air, then the police men told me were are your family then I said I don’t know.
I said to the police can you check this guy house I think he has my family in there. He said nothing and he went to check. I fallow him to the guy house. Then I said to the police man why was he doing this to me, then he said he was the top ten f.b.i most wonted he slaughters people then he sell there dead money for a lot of reason I don’t know why he came after you and your family.
As the police man called for back up, then we waited until they came back, when they came we went in and I saw my family they were tied up I was so happy that they were killed as the police took me outside he said wait in your until your family so I did and waited until my family it was morning my family I was so glad I hug each and one of them.

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this came it my dream

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