The life of a Teenage Angel-Chapter One

January 20, 2010
It was one of those days when I would love to sleep in,but instead I had to go to school. Or as me and my friends called it, Hell. Another day with the teachers nagging me to take my hat off and to not wear so much black.
I couldn't help it if I was a punk. It was how I felt inside and how I wanted to act. Who cares if I almost got sent to jail a couple times. Okay, not a couple... maybe a lot...
Anyways the only thing that could make my day better was my boyfriend's gleaming face.
I hadn't seen a lot of Justin's smiles lately, let alone his amazing personality. It was like he was ignoring me but still emailing me and texting me 24/7.
I got dressed and had breakfast and before I knew it I was on my way to school. Horrible school.
On my way I met up with my best friend Rose.
"Have you heard about Justin?" she asked me.
"No." I said, I looked at her, I was completly clueless.
"He was in a car accident, he died yesterday." she said,
My heart crashed to the ground. I nearly passed out.
"Your kidding." I said, tears coming to my eyes.
"No." she said, she gave me a hug and slowly turned me around.
I was in shock. I felt as though my whole life was coming to an end. But what really confused me was how could he keep emailing and texting me when he was dead? I didn't really care about that, I cared more about how much my heart was aching and how much I was going to miss him uncontrolably.
I was directed into my house and put to sit on the couch. Rose sat at my side and tried to comfort me as I balled my eyes out.
It took me three hours to stop crying. And school was almost over.
I was surprised that Mom didn't come downstairs to yell at me for missing school. I was also surprised that I could cry for a long as I did.
My cell phone broke my thoughts as I checked to see who it was that was texting me.
It was Justin. My dead boyfriend.
I pushed the talk putton and replied, my voice still in sobs.
"Hello?" I asked,
"Hey, Nikki, it's me. Listen, I've kinda been keeping something big from you." he said, his voice was still the same.
"Justin, how can you talk to me if your dead?" I asked,
"About that, I'm a angel." he said,
"No kidding, seriously. Answer me." my voice was getting firmer and stronger as I spoke.
"I'm serious, Nikki. I'm a angel. The only reason I'm still on earth is that God gave me a mission to do on earth." he said, I could tell this wasn't a joke. His voice was serious.
"You've actually met God?" I asked,
"Yes. And he's acutally nicer than I thought." he said,
"Is there anywhere we can meet to sort this thing out?" I asked,
"Meet me behind the diner at noon. I'll show you everything I've been hiding." he hung up.
I closed my phone and sunk in the sofa padding.
"What was all of that about?" Rose asked me,
"Nothing." I said, I looked up at the clock. It was 11:03. It would take me half an hour to meet Justin.
"Okay. Well, I'm going to go home. I'm really sorry about Justin. I'll email you!" she got up and walked out the door before I could say another word.
I got up and got ready. I wasn't sure I could get prepared for this, but I hoped I could build courage.
I sucked it up and ran outside.
I began to walk down the sidewalk all the way to the diner, where it figures I was fifteen minutes early.
I stood in the back, kicking stones and reading the graffitti on the dumpsters.
"Nikki." a voice said from behind me.
I turned. There was Justin.

To be Continued in Chapter Two...

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Ally-cat said...
Jan. 28, 2010 at 5:52 pm
ya it was awesome i really liked it lol
Ally-cat said...
Jan. 26, 2010 at 6:35 pm
Omg that was amazing I loved it great word choice and descripive work keep on writing you are great!!!
ImWatchingYou replied...
Jan. 26, 2010 at 7:48 pm
Thanks. :) I never thought that my work was that good.
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