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January 20, 2010
By m.a.p13 BRONZE, Burlington, Other
m.a.p13 BRONZE, Burlington, Other
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We docked in Colombia on the fifth day of the cruise. All that my best friend and I wanted to do was go on a good tour for once. Adrianna and I travelled a lot; however, we never seemed to manage getting a good tour guide. A friend from church recommended a Colombian tour. In an attempt to break the curse of terrible tours we signed up to go.
It seemed we struck gold. We had a local tour guide whose family had been here for generations and since Adrianna and I travelled to indulge in historical features and experience the local culture, this tour seemed to be exactly that. It started off with a trip to ancient battle grounds and fortresses that the Colombians had built in order to protect the coast of Cartagena. Later on in the day we visited some old temples which the natives had once built. They had been pagans, worshipping their gods by means of human sacrifice. As the tour continued on we visited some churches built by the Spanish colonists and monuments built for respected leaders warlords of Colombia. At one point, Adrianna turned to me and said “Wow! I’m really impressed! Who knew that there was so much culture and political struggle in Columbia’s history!”
After visiting all these sites, there was one thing that our tour guide had not yet revealed. “The Catholic colonists would prosecute the Colombian natives if they refused to convert to the catholic tradition. This, to this day, has left some bad blood between the local people and Catholics.” The tour guide then took us deep into the catacombs where we would see the torture chambers. I began to notice that the deeper we went the devices seemed less and less rusted. I started to get creeped out and I just wanted to find Adrianna and get out. The tour guide then turned around and looked at all of us with a devilish smirk, “And this concludes our tour, I hope all of you will enjoy your stay at Cartagena.” Then, the doors shut behind us.

The author's comments:
this was a fun postcard fiction i had to write in class. it was inspired by my trip to Colombia where i got to see teh torture devices that were used on people.

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