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Now I lay me down to sleep...

December 24, 2009
By Geovanni BRONZE, Kissimme, Florida
Geovanni BRONZE, Kissimme, Florida
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Its pitch black outside. It looks as if the heavens have been swallowed into a dark abyss. A bright white light pass's by my window but I figure it's my imagination. I've just awoken from my slumber and find myself thinking "what time is it?" To be this dark outside it has to be at least 7:00 in the afternoon. I scavenge for my phone and find it directly under my pillow where I usually keep it. To my surprise it has no battery. I reach over for the charger cable and snatch it. The time reads 11:03 P.M. How could it be this late! I remember lying down on my mattress at 3:00 and then I whispered to myself that I would take a short nap! So much for short! As my thoughts stumble upon each other I begin to hear this noise. It sounds like a mother grizzly bear that hasn't eaten anything in weeks. It's my stomach! At this point I begin the debate of whether I should eat or just go back into my slumber. After a few minutes of debating, the side of me that say's "hold it off until the morning" wins. I cover my self with warm, furry blankets and I begin to slowly close my eyelids. As my left eyelid is about to close for good my ears pick up on a noise so eerie, it makes the skin on your back tremble like an earthquake. It's the sound of something sharp sliding slowly down another object. Like nails on a chalkboard! I quickly get to the side of my bed and walk to my window. I pull down one of the blinds with my pointer finger and to my relief find nothing there but the forest branch’s waving in the wind. I half walk-half run to my bed and put my blankets over me. My brain begins to develop images of what it could have been. An animal...Maybe a bug...Or...someone...a creature… A killer...what could that have been? My best bet is an animal so I stick with that. I would say 10 minutes later and I begin to drift off again. Once again I am awakened, but this time, it is a different noise. “TAP, TAP, TAP” I rush over to try and catch the “criminal”!! I open a blind completely and find myself staring at an eye. It feel’s like I’m dreaming at first but the reality hits me fast. Someone’s blood shot eye is looking at me. Not looking, staring, as if it were staring at my soul. I race to the entrance of my bedroom door and slam it behind me. I run to the kitchen to get some type of weapon. As I run past the living room into the kitchen I feel a large breeze. My head slowly turns to the right to face the front door. It’s wide open! Now my heart is pounding. I cover it with my hands thinking it’s beating to loud! My thoughts are running all over the place. Instincts kick in and I race to my parent’s bedroom! I lock the door behind me and stop to catch my breath. My eye’s search the room for a place I could hide in. I finally choose under the bed and I lay down on my right side, facing the door. It’s so quiet that I’m sure that everyone in the world can hear my heart now. The silence is shattered by someone’s whistling. It sound’s like nothing at first but then picks up the tone of “Hush, Little Baby!” Then there’s silence again. My parent’s bedroom door is crushed open and all I see is a shadow. I can tell by the shadow that it’s a man. He walks around the room at first and then stop’s! He starts walking to the side of the bed where I can’t see. I would say about ten minutes passed and not a single sound. The silence makes me more nervous. All of a sudden a hand grab’s my shirt and pull’s me out of the bed. I begin to punch, kick, and scream! Nothing is helping! Then it hit’s me like cold water. A sharp pain begins to form near my heart. He stabbed me. I see blood in all directions! The man begins to turn fuzzy and my vision goes black……

The author's comments:
It's starts slow then hits ya!

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