On a Tuesday Afternoon

January 19, 2010
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It was Tuesday, and the halls were totally silent. Not one soul walked the hallway, opened a door, looked through a locker. On a normal day, this would have been strange for Hawthorne Heights. But, it wasn't a normal day at all.
She didn't deserve it. Angelica was the sweetest girl that walked Hawthorne Heights. But of course, this is how life was. She had been running copies for her Science teacher, like she had done everyday this year to help him. She was in the principal's office when the intruder had walked in.
She didn't think he looked strange, but was wondering why he didn't have a visitor's pass on. Everyone that entered Hawthorne Heights High School had to have a visitor's pass unless they were a teacher or a student. This man was neither. She looked across the room at Mrs.Garfunkle, the school secretary. She hadn't even noticed he had walked in.
"Exuse me, Mrs.Garfunkle?"
"Yes dear, what can I help you with?" She replied, with a glowing smile.
"Well, that man walked in the school a minute ago and he doesn't have a visitor's pass on."
"Oh, Well the man probably has never been in here before and doesn't know the rules. I'll go see what's up," said Mrs.Garfunke.

She got up out of her leather chair and walked out of the office.
The man saw her, and reached for his pocket.
"Sir, you need a visitor's pass to go any further down these halls, come with me please."
He smirked, and Mrs.Garfunkle turned around, leading him to the office.
Angelica gasped. He pulled out a small hand gun and cocked it.
"No, Mrs.Garfunkle, He has a gun!"

to be continued.

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