Moonshine. - Parts 6-10

January 15, 2010
By C.Paige GOLD, Norman, Oklahoma
C.Paige GOLD, Norman, Oklahoma
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"God teaches us things in mysterious ways. He teaches us love through heartbreak, He teaches us acceptance through failure, and He teaches us strength through the loss of things treasured." - C.O.

<u>Part 6</u>
- Khris's eyes drop to the sandy wood floor. My heart breaks. <i>I'm so selfish.. The poor guy just found out his twin brother is dead. I didn't even think about his feelings..</i> I reach towards him, but hesitate as I place my soft touch gently upon his cheek. Then, I use my thumb and delicately wipe away the lonely salt drop.
- My patient palm remains on his face. Still looking at the floor, he reaches up with his hand and places it on mine. Something sparks. A warmth rushes through my body from nose to toes. I close my eyes. <b>Inhale..Exhale..</b> And when I open them again, those brilliant seafoam gems are staring right at me. Khris's lips curl into a small smile and he thanks me with his eyes. <i>It's like he can feel it too..</i> It reminds me of Eythan. I smile back.
- <i>Eythan..</i> I stroke his cheek once more, but then drop my hand slowly. That reminds me of something else.. "Do you know who did this Khris?" I look him square in the eye. "To Eythan?" He stares back deep into my eyes. But he doesn't reply to me, but to my heart. "Yes." I hold my breath and pause.. "Who?"

<u>Part 7</u>
- Khris doesn't say a word. He just places both hands on the floor and pushes himself up. I watch as bicep and tricep ripple under his golden skin. <i>He's toned.. Beautiful..</i> But I snap back to a focus as Khris stands and shuts the front door. <i>Wow.. I must've been seriously out of it. I didn't even realize the door was still open.</i> He turns back in my direction and offers me his hand.
- For a moment, I just stare at his open palm and cock my head to the side. "Well?" He asks persuasively. I look up at his patient expression, then back down at his outstretched fingers. "If I get up, will you tell me who did this to Eythan?" My eyes lock on his. Khris doesn't hesitate. "Yes."
- I lift my arm and reach out to him. He gently grasps my hand, lifting me to my feet. My hand still hugs his. A warm, comforting embrace. I turn my head and gaze deep into lose radiant emerald eyes as he stares back into mine. <i>So familiar..</i> I'm pinched with a tinge of guilt. I drop his hand. "Tell me. Please?" My tone begs. Khris nods. "Okay," he sighs. "My parents killed Eythan."

<u>Part 8</u>
- I'm in denial. "But they're dead." Khris shakes his head slowly and sighs. "Is that what <i>Eythan</i> told you?" I stop.. think.. "Eythan said.." I pause. <i>What did he say?</i> "He said that he would never lie to me, but that he didn't tell me everything." I sneek a glimpse at Khris. He nods to himself. "My brother was smart.. He didn't want you to know about us.. Because he knew the consequences.." Khris stops briefly then looks at me. "He must've really loved you.." I'm confused by the first part, but the second shoots a bullseye right into my heart.
- Those sad, salt tears form in my eyes, but I think about his words. They bring me back to events from the night before. I swallow back a sob. But then that tiny two-watt in my brain begins to glow. Curiousity takes over.. And fear. "What do you mean <b>us</b>?" He looks conflicted. "Well," he says, but hesitates. I straighten my shoulders and peer directly into sea green glass china. "Tell me." It's not a demand. I'm begging. And Khris knows it. He looks at me with determined eyes, takes a deep breath, then lets it all go.

<u>Part 9</u>
- "Eythan was never an orphan.. He had me. He just never knew it." He shifts his eyes to the floor, then back to me. I blink. Saying nothing. He continues. "They brain wash you.. In <b>Triple T</b>, I mean.. They spoon feed you lies until the day you die, whether your death be natural, accidental, or intentional.." Khris pauses again. The solemn expression remaining concrete on his face.
- "When we were ten, my parents asked both Eythan and I to join them in the family business. To assist them in running Triple T.. I accepted, out of fear and ignorance. But Eythan was always the big, little brother, and though he never said anything, he suspected the evil of Triple T. So Eythan played his cards.. Only <i>they</i> played him.. He declined my parents' offer, but no was not an option.." Khris's gaze flickers up to mine again. My expression unchanged. <i>I know there's more..</i>

<u>Part 9 1/2</u>
- "My parents.. They cornered Eythan and injected him with a drug that wiped his memory. When he was knocked unconscious, they had him taken to the dorms with all the other children being held at Triple T.." Khris stops and sighs. His eyes tear, but not a single drop appears. <i>He's fighting.</i>
- "After that day, though Eythan could never see me, I watched over him. As he grew and trained.. And the more I learned about what that place was <i>really</i> about, the more I was certain that Eythan would make it. He was incredibly smart.. He would survive.."
- Sweetly, Khris smiles at me. His eyes are glossy, and then his tears find gravity. I'm touched, my vision becomes blurred. "When Eythan escaped, it was no surprise to me. I had been watching him, and luckily, with my parents wanting nothing to do with him, I knew how to find him. I thought they had no clue where he had gone, so I left Triple T.. To escape them and to find Eythan. Only.. They found him first.."

<u>Part 10</u>
- I let the words soak in. They click. I grit my teeth behind my lips. My jaw strains. "One last thing Khris.." His look is empathetic. "Yes?" <i>Triple T..</i> "What does 'Triple T' stand for?" His eyes are dead. His face goes blank with shame. "Train.. Track.. Terminate.."
- I turn abruptly and beeline towards the hallway. I rush into my bedroom and find my pre packed bag from the day before resting quietly beside my dresser. I swipe it from the floor, grab my purse, and storm back to the living room. A look of surprise and confusion springs across Khris's face. I throw my bag at him and dig my keys from my purse. Upon feeling the cooled metal in my fingers and jingling in my ears, I head for the front door. "Come on, Khris." He follows, totally lost. Then it hits him.
- "Oh no," he murmers. I fling open the door. "Oh yes." I step out into the hallway and Khris does the same. <i>It's beyond hate..</i> "I'm gonna kill those.." Khris interupts. "You don't know who you're messing with." I slam the door shut, jam a single key in the lock, and turn fiercely. Ripping the silver piece from the keyhole, I start walking. "I. Don't. Care."


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