My Most Scariest Nightmare....

January 14, 2010
By Munkey BRONZE, Springfiled, Illinois
Munkey BRONZE, Springfiled, Illinois
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OK everyone has had a nightmare before. Have you ever thought about the scariest dream you have ever had... Well i most certainty have and i am going to explain it to you. First lets set the setting:I was a bout 4 years old and going to home - daycare in Springfield. Everything is black and white.
OK now lets start....

My mom drops me off at the home day care. Then drives away I walk in.Everything is dark,eerie,and i have the feeling of being wached
"hello?"I yell. I turn to look at a wall.On the wall there was a shadow of a person.He just stands still.Then I hear this murderous laugh. Then all the sudden I saw my daycare teacher walking down the hallway. she said " ooh thank goodness your here!!!! You have to hel........" she didn't get to finish her sentence ,because at the end of the hallway there was a room,and my teacher was sucked into that room by an invisible force.She started screaming and the door slammed shut and the screaming grew louder.and i saw blood coming through the opening at the bottom of the door. Scared to death and not having any idea of what to do,I run into the basement.
Which was even darker. I heard that same eerie laugh. Being the idiot that I am, I continued down the stair case.The basement was filled with ghastly creatures who intended to devour me. I quickly turned around to go back up the stairs but there gone and there is nothing but darkness. The monsters move closer and closer to me. Now they were less than an arms length away, when i wake up and ran to my parents room where i spend the rest of the night.

The author's comments:
I got the idea from an actual nightmare. The story was based on almost all the elements that were in my dream. But I left out some detail from my dream that wouldn't make sense.

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