The Demon: Where It All Begins

January 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Abandoned House……..
What Happens Next
(Good Luck)

People always think of dogs as cute innocent creatures. Like the saying, “Dogs are man’s best friend”. Well you won’t think so after you read this story.

Are you scared yet?

How About Now…………
Book #1


As I lay in my bed trying to sleep I keep getting all these pop up images. I can’t really make them out; at first I looked like an animal, but then the night passes through. The images became more and more vivid. I open my eyes to look at the time. I read, 1:30 a.m. “Great I still have 6 hours of sleep.” I Mumbled.

I still couldn’t sleep. Once I was finally able to make out the images, I saw four teens that were huddled together, as though they were scared. Then just then I saw this evil looking thing. My alarm went off at six. Before that, I was finally able to see the images clearly.

When I finally got out of bed I realized that my parents had already left for work. “Well, looks like I’m walking to school”. I mumbled very faintly. I walked to the fridge and I saw a note from my dad.
Dear Jack,

Me and mom are goanna be out for a couple hours after you get home. Do all of your chores and make sure Juliana wakes up and reads this note.
P.S You’re walking with Sergio and Rose to school 2 day.

“Well that explains a lot.” I yawned as I was walking to Juliana’s room. She was already up so I told her, “Hey were walking with Rose and Sergio.” “Okay, awesome! I can’t wait.” She said putting on her make-up.

All I could think about at school were the pictures. I thought I saw a dog in the images. Well at least someone was nice enough to notice something was wrong, but I didn’t feel like talking about it. In language arts Rose slipped me a note:
Hey u ok?
Yea im fine im jus feelin a bit sick.
K jus wonderin. ?

She can tell when there’s something wrong with me. Two hours later, she comes up behind me when I’m getting my book out of my locker. “Hey!” She yelled as she was coming up behind me.
“Holy crap!! You scared me! What’s wrong with you?” I exclaimed surprised. “Yeah you’re the one scaring me in language arts.” She said as she as shutting my locker for me. “I just have a lot on my mind right now.” I said trying not to reveal anything. “You know I don’t believe one second of that statement. I know when something is wrong, and there is definitely something wrong.” She said. “Well let’s get to class. I don’t want to be late again; you know how the teacher gets.”

Later that day….. “Hey, Jack! Listen I have a science project due tomorrow and I need you to come over and help me”. Sergio said stopping me in the lunch line. “Sure, why not? I mean, it’s not like I have a life of my own.” I said in a hinting voice. “Ok see you then!”

Later on he walked to my house to pick me up for the project. Dinnnng Donnnng!!!!! “Hey! You ready!?” He said excitedly. “Yeah let me go tell my parents.” Mom! I’m going to Sergio’s house.” “Ok! Are they going to feed you? Because that would be great.” She yelled. “Kay, I’ll ask.” I yelled back. “Yes we’re going to feed you.” He interrupted. We ran all the way to his house and started the project. After dinner that night I headed home and when I got home I saw a dog on the couch. I blinked once and it was gone like the wind.

I went to bed that night and I had terrible nightmares. Instead of images this time it felt so life like.

I woke-up the next morning and checked my email. The first email I got was from Sergio saying:
Hey Jack thanks for your help yesterday on the science project. You really help me out a lot. See you @ school today. ?

At lunch that day, I actually brought up the courage to tell them what was going on. Of course I’m going to get a couple of jokes because who is going to believe that I’m having nightmares about some sort of demented dog. “Hey, this could mean anything like something that has already passed on in your life. You might have read something in an article and you are just paranoid.” Rose said without any hesitation. “Thanks; a least someone understands my pain.” I said. “Now can you at least explain last night’s dream?” Rose asked. “Yeah I saw three people huddled together like they were scared of something. But I couldn’t make out what.” I uttered.

I had much better sleep tonight knowing that I finally got it all out of me. I was finally able to sleep.

Abandoned House

“Hey, Jack!” Juliana yelled from across the house. “Yeah!” I yelled back at her. “Rose and Sergio are on their way. They said they have something very important to tell us. It sounded important so they are on their way.” She told me once I got to her room. “Kay.”

When they got here 10 minutes later, they sat us down and started talking immediately. “Hey, Rose decided that we were going to lose a bet.” He said, but had she butted in and told us he lost the bet and they were arguing until Julie butted in. “Well, for our punishment we have to stay at the abandoned house down the street.” Sergio told us. “When?” I asked not trying to sound scared. “Tonight starting at 6 pm” He said. Its 5:30 now so I figured we should just tell mom that we’re staying at Sergio’s house.

My mom was ok with the whole thing except she didn’t know that we were staying at the abandoned house. When we got there we found a place to set all of our things and we started to explore the place. It was fine, for now, of cores we didn’t know that then. We sat down to eat dinner we brought some pizza from my fridge at home. Dinner was good until I heard something coming from the upstairs. “Serge” I whispered. “Did you hear that?!” I continued. “Yeah it sounds like its coming from upstairs.” He whispered back. We got up to go check it out. Sergio was right behind me but then I heard, “ja-!”, and he was gone. I had no idea where he was. I went back down stairs to see if he had gone down back to where the girls were. “Hey did Sergio comeback down here?” I ask. “No, he didn’t” Julie told me. “Well he disappeared and I can’t find him anywhere.” I informed them. “Let’s all split up and find him.” Rose suggested Buzzzz!!!! “Hold on I just got a text from him.” Juliana said. “What does it say?” I asked anxiously.
To: Juliana Juarez
From: Sergio Gomez
Help!! Im in the kitchen

When we read that we ran right to the kitchen. He grabbed me and Juliana and Rose saw me.

“What’s going on here?” Rose loudly whispered. “Well all the nightmares Jack seems to be having are coming to life.”Sergio said. “AHHHH HHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Juliana. Then we all saw what she was screaming about. We saw a demented dog that was trying to attack us. Sergio distracted the dog while we ran the other way. Once Sergio caught up with us we tried to make a run for it. But then after he got out of the house Juliana was bitten by it on the ankle. So me and Sergio picked her up and ran as fast as we could to the hospital. Rose stayed behind to take our stuff to my house.


When we got to the hospital we told mom that she was bitten by a dog while we were walking in Sergio’s neighborhood. The nurse told us she is fine and she could go home.
What Happens Next

We all ended up staying at my house that night and Juliana slept fine. The next day she was sore but she took a few days to recover.

One week after the accident we were all walking and ten minuets into the walk we saw something very familiar, something I’ve seen many times before...




The author's comments:
I have read many books and i have read many scary and thrilling stories.

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on Jan. 23 2010 at 1:05 pm
i_love_pancakes SILVER, Lutz, Florida
8 articles 0 photos 32 comments
A little bit fast pacd for my liking but has a good theme. Work on more details.(if trying for a creepy kind of feel, it was lost in the middle when all the details were lost..)


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