The Gargoyle Attack

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

I was completely terrified. I didn’t want to die nor did I want to kill my friend and brother along with it. I stood pinned on the wall because of my fear as Aaron and Gary, my close friend and my brother, wrestled with the gargoyle with a knife in their hands. They were on top of the gargoyle trying to stab it in the heart because that was the only way to kill it. The gargoyle was trying to kick Aaron and Gary off of his elbows so that he was not pinned to the ground. The gargoyle was trying to call for help by screaming and hollering. He had a pointy nose and was the color grey all over his body. His eyes were dark green and he had wings and claws three inches long. His skin was very rough and hard like a statue.
I was very desperate to go and kill the beast myself but my legs just refused. Then everything went black and a picture appeared in my head. I was having a flashback of the past days when I was about to become king.
It was August 4th, 1873, two days before I would be sixteen. For a sixteen year old I was average height. I had brown, short, hair and chocolate brown eyes. I was writing my coronation speech for what was soon to be my country. To be king I had to be the oldest sibling in my family and I was.
I had one twin, his name was Gary. He was 4 minutes younger than me and whenever it came to it, I would always tease him about it because since I was older I had more authority over him. He was always jealous of me, though, and I had no idea why. My parents always favored him, and hugged him, and praised him the most. Let’s put it this way, when I started walking when I just turned one year old, they didn’t get excited, but when Gary started walking, my parents cheered and threw a huge feast.
Back to the point, I was writing my coronation speech when I got stuck in a rut and I could not think of the next sentence to say. Gary was strolling in the corridor so I called him but he wouldn’t answer. I called his name again and still no reply.
“Gary, I have something to ask you,” but still no reply. I jogged over to him and grabbed his hand.
“Get your hands off me you ungrateful little pest!” he shouted as he stomped away muttering to himself annoyed. All I could do was stand there, petrified, trying to find a reasonable explanation as to why he would have this emotional outburst.
“Is there anything wrong, Ian?” Felix (one of the servants that I also counted as my friend) asked. “I heard Gary scream and I wanted to see if you two were okay.”
I heard a door slam louder than any other slam. I could guess who that was.
“Oh we are okay.”
Felix nodded and started to walked away.
“Oh and Ian,” Felix called back. “Try not to get in any trouble before you are king. Your father does not need any trouble for these following days and I am tired of him blaming me for everything that you do.”
“I’ll try but no promises,” I sighed.
“Oh, and Aaron is here to visit you.”
Good, now I can finally get some help on this speech. Aaron was a short 15 year old. He was muscular and he had broad shoulders. He was very good at sports, he was quick and good at dodging people who were coming at him, which always came in handy because he was a huge trouble-maker.
I was still wondering to myself why Gary would have acted this way. What did I do to him? Perhaps I treated him rudely.
My thoughts were interrupted when Aaron came and said, “Hey Ian! Hey what’s wrong? You look kind of down.”
It was then that I noticed that I was chewing on my fingernails nervously and looking at my shoes. “Hey Aaron, did you ever notice that Gary always looks at me jealously, and have you seen that he has recently been acting very weird?”
“Well yeah. I mean you are older than him, you’re about to be king, and he is four minutes younger than you!”
“You know, I have never thought of it that way.”
“Oh and you always make fun of him in front of his friends, you never appreciate him-“
“Alright, alright I’ll go talk to him!” I interrupted.
I walked through the dark corridors to my brother’s room. The corridors were only lit with torches on the walls. It always gave me a scared feeling like there was something in the shadows lurking, about to pounce and strangle me of something. I finally reached Gary’s room.
“Gary?’ I asked as I cracked the door open ever so slightly.
“What do you want?” Gary asked in an accusing way.
“Gary, I would like to apologize for everything. I’m sorry that I have never respected you and that I always make fun of you in front of your friends. I never should have done that. I only did that because I wanted to be the youngest and to be loved by our parents the most.
Gary was staring at me bug-eyed with his mouth open in disbelief. I swore he was about to drool when I finally asked, “Gary, are you alright?”
“Of course I am alright!” he jumped up and hugged me like a bear. He was about to get to the point where he was strangling me because his hug was so tight. “All that I wanted these past days was for you to say just that! I hope you are not mad at me for screaming at you though, I only did that so that you might be able to figure out that you making fun of me all of the time and that was hurting me. Thank you so much!”
“You’re welcome! Want to come and help me with my speech?” He gave me a dark look. “Or we could play some games with Aaron.”
“That is much better.”

The next day was the day that I was going to become king and I was dreading every bit of it. I was getting ready for the ceremony. I had to put on a long, thick robe that went down to my feet. It was red and very soft on the outside, but on the inside it was like a potato sack.
As I was walking down the aisle, about eight sharp points sunk in my back and I was pulled off the ground. At the same time I heard multiple screams of pain and anger from the crowd. Gary and Aaron were trying to follow me and the thing that was pulling me away. Aaron was always the most athletic and therefore passed Gary, ran through the crowd and dashed after me. He jumped on a chair, then a table, and leaped up to grab my foot.
The claws dug deeper into my back as I yelled in agony. Then Gary used the same maneuver as Aaron used. Gary’s weight had made the thing that was carrying me drop about five feet or so closer to the ground so then Gary leaped into the air and grabbed Aaron’s leg. Again the claws dug deeper into my back. I started to writhe in effort to shake myself from the beast but all my efforts just made the pain grow.
“Ian! Are you okay!?” Aaron and Gary urgently asked at the same time.
“Define okay!” I bellowed. “Because if we are using my definition I am not okay! What is the thing that is carrying us?”
“I don’t know I can’t see it!” Aaron answered.
“Neither can I,” Gary answered.
Suddenly, the thing dropped us from ten feet off the ground. I thought it was the top of the castle but everything was a blur. All I knew was that I wasn’t being carried anymore, and that something, I didn’t know what was trying to kill me, until I looked at it square in the eye.
Then the lights turned off and I came back to the present.
I finally was able to get up and turn around to look at my surroundings. It was definitely the top of the castle. My father was at the exit to the stairway to get to the main corridors. I started to run towards him but suddenly he took a step back, and slammed the door in front of him so I could not get to him to help us.
“Father! Help us!” I hollered.
“You don’t deserve to be king and neither does your brother! I am the only good king for this country!” he answered without getting out of the castle.
Right then I realized that he was the one who sent the gargoyles to attack us. I ran over to Aaron and Gary to tell them and help them try to kill the beast. They had it pinned on the ground and were trying to pierce it in the heart but the gargoyle had their wrists. I came over to grab the torch.

I tried to push the torch with as much force as I could exert. Slowly the torch was gaining and about to puncture the gargoyle. It slowly seethed into the gargoyle in one spot of it that was soft which was where the heart was. The gargoyle no longer was screaming and moving. We took the torch out. It was dripping green blood. The blood was also oozing out of the puncture wound.
“Rahhhhhh!” it was my father burst out of the door screaming with a real knife coming for us.
Quickly some of the castle’s guards came and restrained my father.
“Take him to the dungeon.” I ordered.
“Yes sir,” they said in synchronization.

Days passed after I stopped thinking about the incident. I eventually took my place as king. My mother, Aaron, and Gary made the decision not to kill my father, and instead make him a servant for us as punishment since he did not want to die. Gary, Aaron, and I each partially ruled the kingdom so that we could make decisions and agree on them and because I did not want to do it alone. But as for that, everything turned to normal, and we could all live a long and happy life.

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