Peppered Memories

January 5, 2010
By amandasayyz BRONZE, Angola, New York
amandasayyz BRONZE, Angola, New York
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Bella sat patiently in the living room with Pepper, her pet parrot. The night was bitter and cold. It was getting late and she was getting very worried about her husband. He was supposed to be home about four hours ago from a long day at work. “Work ended four hours ago, where ever could he be?” she said aloud.

“Squawk squawk!” yelped Pepper. Right then the front door flow open and slammed against the wall. Bella carefully placed Pepper back in his cage.

“Shut that stupid bag of feathers up!” Jack shouted as he trampled through the door.

“It's about time you got home,” Bella said, ignoring his rude statement. “Where have you been? Work ended more than four hours ago. I was very worried.”

Jack hesitated, “What's it to you where I have been? It is none of your business.”

“OK Jack, what is your issue? You get home almost everyday drunk and you never even bother to call and let me know if you're alright. Sometimes I question why I'm even with you anymore.”

“Who says I'm drunk Bella!?” he yelled back.

“Look at you! You can't even walk straight,” Bella responded irritably. Jacks lips began to quiver in pure anger. He was extremely aggravated, and Bella could tell. “I'm sorry Jack, but I just don't want to deal with this anymore. Something has to change. We've had this conversation before, and you still have done nothing to fix everything going on between us. I really can not take it anymore. I'm sorry Jack, but I want a divorce.

“Squawk!” Jack slammed the bird cage to the ground.

“Leave him alone!” Bella shouted as her hand, in response, slapped right across Jack's face. Jack slowly turned his head back toward her. As he headed for her, Bella ran as fast as she could to the bedroom. She slammed the door and locked it. Jack was extraordinarily furious, “Let me in honey! We can talk this over. It'll be okay,” he unconvincingly noted.

“Jack, no, it hasn't been okay in a while,” she affirmed. The house became very still. It was as quiet as a mouse. Bella could hear the faintest footsteps. Right then Jack bashed through the door. It happened so fast, Bella had no idea what was going on. Jack began to beat her. “Stop! I'm sorry! Stop!” He slammed her to the ground. She then lied unconscious on the floor.

“What have I done? What will happen to me?” Jack said in his mere presence. He stood there in awe, looking at the corpse. “It's not my fault. It's all hers. I have done nothing wrong. I need to hide the body.” He stumbled around the house, looking for a place to hide Bella's body. Walking back into the bedroom, he studied it with ease. What about this wardrobe? It's the perfect size. Yes, I will use this. He walked into the other room. Staring at Bella's body once more, he gently dragged her to the wardrobe. Carelessly, he stuffed her in.

Meanwhile, Pepper was going insane. In his cage, he was squawking crazily. He was flopping and flying all over the still horizontally lying cage. “Shut up you stupid bird!” Jack furiously yelled.

“Squawk!” screamed Pepper. Right then the pestered parrot flew trough the door and out of the cage. He headed straight towards Jack.

“Want to tussle little birdie? Bring it!” Jack frantically said to the bird coming straight toward him. As soon as Pepper reached Jack, Jack grabbed him and slammed him against the ground. He saw Jack's huge work boot coming straight towards his head.

“SQUAWK!” screeched Pepper.

Pepper looked up in major confusion. As he looked up, he saw his beloved owner, Bella. Bella carefully place back in his cage. “Shut that stupid bag of feathers up!” shouted Jack.

Pepper was somewhat relieved. Just a dream he thought, but then he remembered the foul remark made just then.

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on Jan. 20 2010 at 3:08 pm
TamaraN PLATINUM, Kalispell, Montana
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wow thats actually like really good ... keep writing


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