The Blue Leo

January 4, 2010
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I was at my place; my special, secluded place in the woods where nobody would find me. I was sat on my bench, staring at the glistening snow lying on the ground all around me. The air was cold and crisp and it even hurt my nose a little to breathe in, but I was protected from it underneath my woollen hat, scarf and gloves. The trees around me with their spindly grey branches were protected too with their coats of bright white snow. Everything was white at my clearing in the woods, even the sky was almost white, light grey now that the evening was drawing closer. I liked to sit here because it was somewhere where nobody would disturb me, where there was no noise to irritate me, nobody to tell me what to do or what I shouldn’t be doing.
When I saw someone’s black converse intruding the snowy white ground I was staring at, about two meters from me, I tilted my head back in astonishment to look at whoever it was.
His high cheek boned face was a pale ivory that almost matched the frozen rain, with light brown hair flopping down over his forehead and over one eye. His other eye was a dazzling electric blue framed by dark black lashes. He was stood easily, hands in his jeans pockets, but his handsome face was full of awareness, and he was staring at me with as much curiosity as I was at him.
We stayed like that for absolutely ages. Both of us just staring at each other, and I couldn’t even tell what he was thinking. It probably would have been polite to try and start a conversation, or at least ask him what he was doing here, but I didn’t. I just kept on staring at him.
When the sky turned to dark grey, the stranger melted into the trees behind him and disappeared.

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