My Fantasy WOrld

January 3, 2010
By Anonymous


Yes, there are a lot of stories about witches and wizards, but they are all the same. In all of them the people are scared of the witch or wizard. Don’t get me wrong, I think its kind of creepy too. That someone can just say a few words, point a wooden stick at you then BAM! Your dead or in pain. But above all I think it’s just plain cool.

So this ones a little different. It doesn’t start with me being a nobody who’s parents are dead or with me not knowing what I am when cops come and arrest me. I’m not rich or poor, homeless or living in a castle. I’m just regular old me. Isabella. From Windrexevile, Ohio. Yeah, I’m popular, I get good grades, varsity team and head cheerleader. But all that is nothing compared to what happens in a few days, but I don’t know that yet.

Ch. 1 A Change of Plans

I was walking down the hall with my best friend, Joe. Her name is really Paige, but her middle name is Joanne. She has hated her first name since we were friends, which was 9 years ago, the second year of pre-school. I’ve gone here at Windrixeville since the first year of pre-school, but Joe came the second. Then Key, Keydie, came in 5th grade. Tony has been here with me since pre-school too. We even went to day-care together too. We’ve been friends on and off since first grade. I’ll tell her a secret then the next thing I know the whole school is going around talking about it/

Anyways, we were talking about last night. We went to a party and her and one of the cute track stars hooked up and she was sort of worried he would think they were like a thing now. She used to have a crush on him a few years back but she was dating Tyrone now. And hopefully Ty hadn’t heard yet.

Once we got to class I got called to the office. I never get called to the office unless there is something for me, and usually I know about it. So I was curious to see what was up there. When I got there, though, there was a man with medium length, blonde hair. He said he had a letter for me. Once I was heading back I turned left at the corner, away from my class room, and went to the bathroom to read it.

Isabella Thorne,
We of the WWW hereby invite you to come to our world to meet the President. He has been watching you since you were 3 years old and thinks you would be a great student at Immortal World, a school for Immortals, such as witches and wizards. You are not a genetic witch, but you could be taught a few things and turn out top of the class.

If you accept put a green pen mark on the right corner of this paper.

If you do not, put a red mark at the left corner.

Please leave this in Room 204, under the 2nd desk in the 2nd row.

You do not have to worry about attending this school yet, we would just like you to meet the president and think about your choice after.

This will not interfere with your current school because you will attend this in a different dimension, which has different times.

Thank you ,

I have always been a big fantasy fan. Harry Potter was my favorite book. I was actually sad when I turned 11 and didn’t get a letter to Hogwarts. But now that I know there are people out there that are witches and wizards, it blows my mind!

So of course I put a green mark at the top and decided to go.

Ch. 2 My Fantasy World

The author's comments:
This is just the intro and the first chapter.... tell me what you think and if you like it I will add more... and tell me if you have any ideas for a different title, i'm not sure about this one. so let me know what you think and i'll give you more :)

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