Already Gone (Part 1 of 2)

December 31, 2009
By Bexbeckham PLATINUM, Ohio, Ohio
Bexbeckham PLATINUM, Ohio, Ohio
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The soon to be goddess, Dominique, cared of others too much, until she was invited to Mount Olympus. Dom had inherited her mother’s charm, Aphrodite has given birth to Ares’ child, who had also inherited his beauty but thankfully did not inherit her father’s vainness. Dom had been sent to live with mortals since Zeus was unsure if she was going to be more like her father or mother. He had sent Hermes with the little baby and a set of arrows. Hermes had put Dom in a poor household so she would grow humble.

Behind the food counter stood a young developing girl with gorgeous dark hair that shimmied down her tanned back. Piercing green eyes sat upon the thin face. Worn, dirty clothing hid her body with leather covering her feet and upon her face was a small smirk. Zeus knew that the child did not deserve this, but he would have to wait until she was at least 16 years old. At that time, he could help her get to Mount Olympus but it would all come down to what she had learned while in the mortal world. Other possible goddesses and gods would attempt to learn how to fight and kill, but he was positive Dom would be crowned the victor and she would live with the other gods and goddesses. Zeus had waited two years then sent ivory colored letters to all possible gods and goddesses, except he sent one god and goddess a dark blue letter.

There were windows blown open as a strong gust of wind carried a letter to each competitor, 5 possible goddesses, and 5 possible gods. Six of the ten challengers grew up in rich homes and have been training for ages; their guardians knew that they could have a chance to get a throne in Olympus, so they’ve been training them since they were toddlers. However, Dominique, Whitney, Orion, and Phoebe were all given to poor families and they never knew of their heritage, yet, they had each been given a heirloom, Dom had received 12 arrows, Whit was given a book of knowledge, Orion was given an amulet, and Phoebe was left with a magic ring.

All the competitors slit their thumbs, and let the blood drop on the invitation. A god or goddess visited each possible god or goddesses possibly more than one. Artemis, Demeter, Poseidon, Selene, and Hestia all visited Dom. In the hands of the small young woman was a seashell, black glasses, a set of matches, dried food, and a canteen. Hermes had given her a tan satchel and a brown jacket, than he helped the girl hop on his back as he ran back to Olympus. Hermes smiled at the shaking mortal-raised child, he also thought that she would win, but unlike Zeus he didn’t make it public, but he knew that Dominique would have a leg up on the poorer competition with most of the gods and goddesses liking her.

Zeus had picked all these competitors for a reason, their eyes. Zeus believed that eyes were the entrance to the soul; each competitor had different eye colors. He also thought that the eyes explained the personality of a person. For example, Orion was muscular with long dark hair, his gray eyes were partially hidden, but if you saw them it looked like a storm was brewing, which signified a person with internal conflicts. Dominique, with the long dark hair that was pulled back showed her intense green eyes, could mean that she is either passionate and mystical, or magical. Whitney had blonde curled hair that cascaded down her petite shoulders, caught anyone in her particularly hazel eyes with hints of a caramel color. Hazel eyes usually mean that a person will do anything to win. Sandy hair strung up in a high ponytail with bangs held back by a black headband and glowing purple eyes graced the face of Phoebe. On a pale face sat murky green eyes framed by brown spiked hair on an older girl, Gemini. White braided hair outlined the oval face that contained a pair of vivid blue eyes belonged to Saphira, Zeus knew that she would be hard to beat since he thinks bright blue means they are very intellectual. Upon the chiseled face of Icarus, a set of dull amber eyes sat, encased by pointy blonde hair, Icarus would also be hard to beat; amber means he has wisdom beyond his age. Leonidas flaunted his muscular body, but behind his straight jet-black hair, his black pupils were outlined by a light chocolate colored, which was surrounded by turquoise with black specks, his eyes were beautiful but it also meant he was extremely vain. A very round face was covered by wild red hair, a set of gold eyes could be seen through the hair, staring defiantly at you, Gold eyes meant the boy was not only extremely brave, but made decisions without thinking, Napoleon, his name means the same in any generation. Sebastian openly displayed all his skills, with a murky brown eye and a bright blue eye; he loved the attention he got. He tied his long dirty blonde hair up and loved to show his expertise in archery, everyone knew that Sebastian was special with two different eyes, even Zeus himself had no way to explain it.

“The time has come for all competitors to be placed in the arena,” proclaimed Zeus. Dominique was transported into a small brown cave, her eyes opened a little where she could see leaves and dark rocks hiding the decrepit entrance. Graced with getting matches, pulling the leaves into the pile, striking a match and throwing it in the pile, helped Dom create a small fire. Stealthily crawling towards the cavern door, moving a rock ever so slightly, all that can be seen is black. A sigh emits from her mouth as she rolls up the brown jacket that Hermes had given her and put her head against it. All the competitors had the same problem; one by one a head hit the ground or pillow, waiting to see what tomorrow will bring.

Awakening, the sun is visibly shining through the large cracks in the small rocks. Wrapping the jacket around her waist, Dom moved the rocks out of the way after grabbing her gifts and started her trek to find water and food. Dom stops in her tracks as she sees in three directions, dark long hair, curly blonde hair, and sandy hair. Orion, Whitney, Phoebe, and Dom form a square staring at each other. Continuing north to find water, the rest of the competitors followed Dom’s lead and continued in their previous direction. A gorgeous lake can barely be seen, hidden by tall dazzling trees, if one listened closely you could hear the tree branches snapping and the leaves crackling under the feet of one very determined competitor. Although the lake is very shallow, Dom was able to wash herself after filling up two water containers that were in the bag Hermes gave her. Coming out of the water, spotting the hidden bow, concealed by strange bushes. Grabbing the bow and putting all but one arrow in the bag, Dom heads South hoping to catch something before getting back to her cave. Quietly stalking the area, Dom launches an arrow and leaps to see if she hit something. Lying on the leafy ground is a deer that got hit by two arrows. Quickly stringing another arrow on the bow and climbing up the flourishing tree, Dom sees two people, a god and goddess, they had casual pants on and a sweater on top, they were two of the rich kids. The girl had unusual white hair that was braided down her back with vibrant blue eyes,
“Saphira, lets go I want the deer!”
The voice belonged to a tall boy with blonde hair sticking out at every angle,
“Okay Icarus…I just thought I heard something,” said the white haired teenager. The possible god and goddess run to the deer, pick it up and take off with it, not even noticing there were two arrows pierced through its skin. As soon as they were out of sight a little rabbit was hopping across the ground, an arrow pierced its head, jumping out of the tree; Dom grabbed it and continued south to get back to her cave.

Nearing the cave, two figures were standing next to it, stringing an arrow on the bow Dominique headed forward. As she got closer she saw the familiar dark brown hair and the sandy hair pulled up.
“What are you doing here?”
The boy and girl exchange a glance, than the boy says,
“We want to become an alliance.”
Dominique looks at them, giving a short nod while pushing some of the rocks back to let them into her home. The boy introduces himself as Orion and the girl as Phoebe. Orion explains this whole event better and of the kids Dom had run into, Phoebe sat there quietly, Dom was cooking the rabbit she caught while absorbing all that Orion was saying to her. After eating everyone had curled up to go to sleep, almost everyone. Phoebe had different plans, while Dom was serving the food; she had slipped the powder from a sleeping pill she had gotten from the Gods. Phoebe grabbed her and carried her on her back all the way to the lake. Wrapping a heavy rock to Dom’s leg than pushing Dom into the deeper part of the ice cold water.

Out of the trees, Orion comes sprinting at Phoebe, she makes a run for it, diving into the water while pulling out a knife that Zeus gave him, shredding the rope and swimming up to the top while holding onto Dom. Breaking through the watery surface, he places his lips on hers than pounds on her chest. Dom’s green eyes flutter open while spitting out water. Breathing a sigh of relief while pulling Dom to his chest, he shakily tells her what happened. Orion wraps his arm around her waist as they slowly make their way back to their home. When they eventually make it back to their cave, the sun is dimming down. Carefully he feeds Dom a stew that had the leftover rabbit in it. Wrapping the jacket around her cold body, piling up the leaves and some twigs found outside, he started a fire. Lying down next to Dom and slinging his arm around her they look at the top part of the cave, etched in were pictures of two guys named Napoleon and Leonidas.
“Only Phoebe, Whitney, Icarus, Gemini, Diamond, and Spencer left,” whispered Orion.

The author's comments:
This is a greek myth essay I wrote for my english class. The plot belongs to the Hunger Games. Not mine, the characters like Dom, Orion, Whitney, Phoebe, Icarus, Gemini,Saphira, Leonidas, Napoleon, and Sebastian are my characters. The other characters belong to Greek Mtyhs. Read the other part!

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