Shadow Whisper-Prologue

December 30, 2009
“You’re a special one.”

The fortune-teller looks me in the eye and smiles, challenging me to look away, to run out and never come back again. “Let me see your hand”, she says, her hand poised right out in front of me. I give my hand to her, a little unsure of what is going to happen.

“What do you mean I am special?” I ask. She looks up at me, her fingers massaging my hand. The look in her eyes tells me that she is getting irritated.

“Shh!” She snaps. Her attention is drawn back to my hand. I roll my eyes, cursing Michaela for getting me in this. She insisted on taking me to a fortune-teller. Michaela had someone figure out her future; she told me the fortune-teller said her future holds greatness in it. I told her it was bull. They think they know stuff; it’s their way of getting money. Michaela keeps saying they are real predictions.

I don’t believe in the power fortune-tellers have. They tell false predictions.

I heard the fortune-teller gasp and drop my hand quickly. I looked at her, alarmed.

“What?”I asked, confusion falling on my face. She stood up, her oak wood chair falling to the floor. She looked at me like I was someone she feared.

“How can this be?” She asked out loud. I quickly put my jacket on and stood up.

“What?” I knew she was faking it.

“You’re-You’re-“She staggered. She pointed a wrinkled finger with black nail polish at me. “You have the Sight.”

I gaped. My eyes went wide; my whole body froze. How did she know that? How does she know I have the Sight? I search for an answer, an answer that I know I will not find.

I narrow my eyes. “What’re you talking about?” I ask. She looks at me, dumb-founded.

“You have the Sight. The power to see Shadows.” She whispers, her face looking weak. I stare at her, biting my lip. I start to rub my coat sleeve.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no entire clue what you are talking about.” I head for the door. She hurriedly grabs my arm and pulls me away. I rip my arm from her. “Do. Not. Touch. Me.”I snap, icicles slipping off my tongue. She steps back and I turn the door knob, walking out. As I am almost out of the building, the fortune-teller bangs the door open.

“You have the Sight!” She yells. I ignore her, walking out. “You have the Sight! Please! Let me help you! ” Her voice fades in the distance.

If only it wasn’t true.

I have the Sight.

I have the power to see Shadows.

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TeamJacobArchuleta said...
Jan. 18, 2010 at 10:44 pm
Hey, it's me, Lexi. This was GREAT! I really liked it! And I really like that name you chose for the girl's friend: Michaela.
WerewolfRose replied...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 10:10 am
Thanks. Yeah, I like the name too. I hope other people like it too.
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