Detective E. Nigma and the Jewelry Thief

December 30, 2009
By , Cheyenne Wells, CO
One fine day in July Detective Edward Nigma was in his office on the phone with his girlfriend. His partner ,Chee Tah, was sitting at her desk writing a letter to her mother. It had been a quiet week for them. They hadn’t had much work to do for a while. Suddenly their office door flew open and in came a lady. She looked about forty years old. She was about average height with brown hair and green eyes. She came in looking like she had been crying.

“Please help me, I’ve been robbed,” she said.

Ed kept talking on the phone as he signaled to Chee Tah to take care of the situation.

“Ma’m please have a seat,” Chee said gesturing to the empty chairs. After the lady sat down Chee put her letter away and said, “Start by telling me your name.”

“I’m Megan Bott and my jewelry store has just been robbed,” said Megan.

“Okay,” Chee said. It was the only thing she could think of saying. After a couple moments of silence Chee thought of something else to say. She said, “How did it happen? Please tell me everything you remember.”

“Okay,” Megan started, “It began a couple hours ago. I was all by myself in my store minding my own business when someone comes into my store with a gun. She robbed the place. She took everything and told me not to follow her or call the police.” Megan started crying, “I.. I didn’t know what to do.”

After Megan finished talking she buried her head in her hands and tears came faster now. Chee didn’t know what to do or say to comfort her. So Chee just sat there at a loss.

At that time Ed came over to Chee and said, “I’m going home. I need to get ready for a meeting. If you need me I will be at either my house or the café.”

“Okay,” was all that Chee replied.

Ed went over to the hat rack and took his hat off of it. He put it on and left the office without saying another word.

Chee turned to Megan and said, “Is that everything Ms. Bott?”

“Well,” Megan started, “On the way out I think I heard the robber say ‘That was to easy for you Charlotte.’ I think she was talking to herself.”

“I think she was too. Thank you Ms. Bott,” Chee said, “You can leave now and I will contact you if I figure something out.” Chee handed Megan a piece of paper saying, “This is my number. Call me if you need something.”

“Okay,” Megan said.

Megan left the office and Chee sat down in one of the armchairs with her head buzzing. She must have fallen asleep because she woke up and is was dark outside. Her phone was ringing. She answered it and found out it was Megan Bott calling her.

Megan said, “I’ve been kidnapped by Charlotte Bobaganoush. I’m in a trunk right now outside a café I think.”

Chee thought to herself, isn’t Charlotte Bobaganoush the name of Ed’s girlfriend, “I’ll be right there,” Chee said quickly. She hung up the phone and left for the local café. There were only two vehicles in front of the café. Chee couldn’t open either of the trunks so she said, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Chee went inside and said in a loud voice, “Charlotte Bobaganoush I arrest you in the name of the law for a robbery and a kidnapping.”

Ed looked up and said, “What are you talking about Chee?”

Looking around and not seeing Charlotte, Chee said, “Where’s Charlotte?”

Ed answered calmly, “She left a couple hours ago. She said she was leaving town.”

Chee’s heart started speeding up, “That’s bad. She robbed the jewelry store here in town and she kidnapped the lady that was in our office earlier today.”

“Are you saying that I was dating a criminal,” Ed said pale faced.

Chee nodded her head and Ed passed out on the spot. While they were trying to revive Ed, Megan Bott was in the trunk of a car with a dead cell phone outside of a café two hundred miles away.

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