Strange Occurings.

December 29, 2009
By , Noraville, Australia
I stare down plainly at the big bruise on my leg. Yes, never try kicking something when you know you will be the one hurt.
“Elly, can you please fold the washing up, I’m too darn tired” called my overstressed mother who works non stop since we moved to Haven Shore. I’m like her servant, who does anything and everything she wants. I know, it sounds utterly pathetic of me, like I’m a doormat right? But I can’t help to imagine what she would do without me, I guess I feel sorry for her.
I get up quickly and limp towards the lounge room where the basket of material awaits me. The story about my leg is long, but to cut it short, I have a short temper. Like most people they get easily annoyed with stupid family issues, and problems you don’t need to hear. I think you can understand how I got my bruise now.
I Get half way through the washing, and the phone rings off its hook but soon stops. Someone answered it obviously. I don’t need to here Sean voice right now. Suddenly Tilly, my younger sister, walks into the room.
“It’s your boooooyfriend!” tease Tilly. She’s knows he isn’t, but has a complete obsession to say it every time he rings, which is non stop.
“He’s not my boyfriend!” I say sternly.
“Hello?” An unusual voice talks to me on the phone. It’s not Sean?
“Um, hello? Whose this?” I ask back, confused. It’s always Sean. Every time. But this time the voice sounded dark and dull, with an echo, like he was in a tunnel. It was definitely a man, I think.
“It’s your father.” The voice replied. What?! I don’t think I heard the man correctly, because to my knowledge I haven’t seen, spoken or heard my father in 12 years, which was way when I was 4 years old. So, to my understanding, I didn’t have a father.
“I’m sorry, I think your mistaken, I don’t have a father, bye.” I replied hoping I didn’t hurt the mans feelings, although why would I? He’s not my father.
“I always thought you would grow up with your mother’s sense of humour El. Now can you put your mother on, we need to talk.” answered the stranger.
This is odd. He sounds like he will continually keep arguing, so I silently put the receiver down, and went back to my business. Seconds later I heard the light vibrating of my mother’s phone on the kitchen bench, followed by a sharp beeping.
“El, can you get that? I’m getting changed. Ill be out soon!” yelled my mother. She sounded like a fair distance away. She must be in the upstairs bathroom. Darn, I hate answering her cell.
“Hello?” I said but only got answered by screeching, and then suddenly the noise stopped.
“Open your front door.” Answered the familiar voice. It was the man from before. This has gotten beyond a joke, I’ve gotta’ give this guy a piece of my mind.
“Look mate, I’m not opening the front door, and your not my father because I don’t have one! This is idiotic and childish and has got to stop. Goodbye.” I yelled.
It’s stopped. Finally, the phone hasn’t rung is a couple of minutes but who knows what will happen. Maybe I’ll get another bruise from the attackers who barged in last time claiming to be my father. Yes, I’m a celebrity in the town of Haven Shore, and this phone call hasn’t been the first. Its been about the 13th.

This is my first story, and I would really really like feedback. I think im hopeless at writing so I want to see if it’s worth while trying to build a career. Its my first ever piece of writing I have ever written, so I hope you liked it (:

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X_Dysfuntional_Lyrics_X said...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 12:49 pm
more! i need more! please? this was great! i loved it :)
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