To begin my story off Correctly

October 30, 2009
By Anonymous

The cold wind blows in my face as I drive down the back highway where no one comes to. I try to reflect on what I have done but it doesn’t seem real. But the cold, wet blood on my shirt says otherwise. To begin my story off correctly I’m not a mean person. I never truly did anything wrong. But maybe what I did was a little bite bad. But I was only doing justice’s work. How could I be blamed for that?? But lets go to the beginning and maybe then you will understand why I did the things I did.
“Okay, you can do this.” I say to myself while waiting on Derrick. Derrick is this really hott guy in my English class that I have had a crush on since the last year. And now he just asked me out!!!!! He told me to meet him at the downtown mall at 7. I’m standing at the entrance. I’m wearing my favorite dark purple sweater with black pants and purple boots. I’m not the picture of “Hollywood Beauty”, but I’m not ugly. I’m just so excited.
“I hope nothing has happen to Derrick.” I dial his number and call. But he doesn’t pick up.
“Maybe he’s having car trouble and his cell phone died.”
“Maybe I should go, but he might be almost here. Just maybe five more minutes.”
“Ha” I look behind hoping that was Derrick’s voice but it wasn’t. It’s a one of the mall cops and by the looks of if he has a two-week-old chili stain on his shirt.
“You have to vacate the premises.”
“But I’m waiting for someone.” He looks around the empty parking lot and gives me a doubting and sad look.
“Ha Hun, I don’t think anyone is coming.” As I’m about to say something my cell phone rings. Derrick sent to a videotext. That’s odd, but I don’t care a big smile comes to me face.
“Ha Lilly, as you can see I’m not coming to pick you up, because I have better things to do than waste my time on a loser like you” The smile on my face vanishes.
“As I except you are still waiting on me to come and sweep you off of your feet. And don’t worry I don’t feel bad; because it is your entire fault for thinking that I was ever interested in you. And by the way nice house.” And just like that, I have been embarrassed in less than two minutes. Tears started to fall from my eyes.
“I’m sorry, Hun.” I look over to see nothing but a blur of the police officer. I guess he heard everything that just happened. I turned and walk away.
“Ha Hun! Do you need a ride? You shouldn’t be walking by yourself. But I don’t answer I just let the night consume my body with each step that I take.

When I get home my mother is still at work. While I make my way down the hallway to I smell something rioting and it’s coming from my room. I open the door and drop my purse onto the floor. My beautiful purple walls has been replaced by graffiti and my bed; clothes; shoes; all of my belonging are ripped to pieces. I walk inside of my room. Epp!
I turn the light on and see a half dead possum on the floor of my room, but that’s not where the smell is coming from. With the lights on I get a better view of my room. The walls are covered in pee and crap and over my headboard it reads NICE ROOM LOSER. And taped by it is a DVD. I reach over and grab it and place into the DVD Player. It stated off kind of fuzzy but soon focused. It was Derrick standing in front of the camera.
“ Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, my sweet, stupid Lilly. If you are watching this and I think you are then you helped me to win the bet. You see the bet was to see if I could get you to wait for me for more than three hours but we both know that you’ve waited longer than that. And thanks to you I won. Oh you want to know what I won. Come out from behind than camera baby.” Then Amanda Morris emerged from behind the camera. Amanda Morris has hated me for as long as I can remember. I’d want to be the lead in the school play she’ll get it. I’ll want all a computer she’ll get the nicest and newest laptop that’s not even in stores. I’ll want all A’s and she’ll get them no doubt with a little alone time with the principle if you catch me drift. There she stood in front of the camera with her pretty hair, pretty smile and just her pretty everything. Derrick put his arms around her and kissed. Derrick said, “ I won the chance to sleep with Amanda, see yah.” They started undressing each other I was about to push the stop button when I realized that they were laying on a purple bed in a purple room. They had sex in my bed! I kicked to TV over, but I still heard their load moans. I picked up my broken purple lab and slammed it into the TV. This is the moment where I think I snapped. The moment where I turn my niceness in the hatred, the moment I decided to kill.

The author's comments:
I don't even know if this will reach the website but if it does I kind of like it. And I hope I don't affend anyone. And some parts may not be suitable for young adult. But I hope you like it.

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