Blood Lust

October 19, 2009
By vball4life BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
vball4life BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Running through the woods in the black of night, my bloodthirsty clan and I chase down our prey. The young buck scampers through the trees, unable to shake us off. Finally, Trevor leaps toward the animal and sinks his fangs into its neck. The animal falls with a thump, and the rest of my clan joins in to drain the animal of its sweet blood. After a satisfying drink, Damian gives us the “Let’s go” look. We all take off into the night at lightning speed.

When morning comes, dew covers the grass as I drive my silver convertible to school. As I walk through the halls, a boy named Nate pulls me aside. His caramel-brown hair hits almost at his shoulders and his big brown eyes are soft and kind. He sincerely asks me if I want to be is girlfriend. I have to think about my answer for a second. After all, I’m a vampire, he’s a human. That might pose a problem. Not even five seconds pass by before I say, yes.

“Great,” he says, “I guess I’ll see you later.”

“See you later,” I reply. The tardy bell rings and I am in my seat faster than the blink of a human eye.

After school that day, I am about to get in my car when Nate comes up behind me.

“Hey, you want to come over to my place to do homework?” he asks me.

“Sure,” I say, again without thinking.
“Cool, it’s just down the street. See you there.” He kisses me on the cheek and walks toward his yellow pick-up. I stand there for a minute, thinking about what had just gone down. I was thirsty, but I could probably control myself if something happened. I get in my car and drive to Nate’s house, hoping that all would go well.
When I arrive at his house, he shows me around and takes me up to his room. I start to feel a bit suspicious, but brush it off and follow him. I say that his room looks nice and sit down on his bed, feeling myself bounce slightly. Suddenly, Nate stands me up, wraps his arms around me, and presses his lips against mine. I am stunned for a second, but my thirst for human blood takes over and I am forced to pull away.
“What?” Nate asks.
“Nothing, I think you’re taking this a bit fast.”
“Oh, ok. Sorry.”
“No problem, let’s do our homework, I had a few questions on the math assignment.” After we were done with our homework, Nate understood that I had to go and we said goodbye.
If only hunting could be that easy.
Later that night, my clan and I go hunting. Ty and I take down a deer while Violet and Jackson drain a mountain lion. After a quite quenching drink, we all decide to head home. I look at my watch—9:05 it says. “Nate is probably still up,” I think to myself. I speed to his house to say goodnight. I quickly climb the vines, look through the window, and find him cheating on me with a perfect blonde: ditzy, yet a stunningly pretty, popular girl. I look away in disbelief, and then look back. Yep, she’s still there: unaware that HIS girlfriend is right outside the window. How can she not see me? I’m freaking six feet away! I dash home quicker than the speed of sound and collapse on my bed. When I sit up, tears are streaming from my eyes. My sadness turns to anger as I clench my fists and hold in the scream. Eventually, my anger and lightheadedness overtake me and I collapse on the floor with a loud thud.
When I awake, it is already morning and the warm rays of sunshine are beaming on my face. I sit up and glance at the clock; it says 7:15. “Crud, I’m late for school!” I change out of my bloodstained clothes and sprint to school.
After homeroom, I open my locker to put some books in. I close it and Nate is standing right there in front of me. He kisses me and I can taste HER on his lips. That two-timing backstabbing cheating liar face! Why does he think he can get away with this? I push him back, and he seems very confused. Just as he opens his mouth to speak, I latch my bloodthirsty fangs on his neck. The skin pierces, and blood flows into my mouth. It is like heaven: human blood has never tasted so good. He falls to the ground, pale as a ghost. The stupid blonde pop appears and faints. A few jocks carry her off while the surrounding crowd observes the scene with blank expressions. My clan shows up as I lean over his lifeless body and say, “There’s no room for cheaters in this world.” I take one last look at the kids, and then my clan and I disappear in an instant.

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