Horror Halloween

October 19, 2009
By , Denver, CO
The sun gleaming into the room as Eli sat at his desk working on his homework. This was October 31, 2009. He had a long day at school and was hustling through his homework so that we could go trick- or –treating. He was going to be a ghost this year, since it was the only costume that his family could afford. All it was a blanket with 2 holes for his eyes. Eli sat there and worked until 8:00pm. All of his friends were knocking at the door wishing that their friend could come out. Eli put on his costume and went outside. This was going to be a good year to trick- or –treat, because he had a huge king size pillow sack that he was going to fill up all the way. First, he went down Efast Way. Eli was the first to the old mans house. He rang the door ball and out came an old man. Eli looked at what was in his hand. “Uh-Oh”, he said as the old man took a swing at Eli with brass knuckles. He was knocked out immediately.
When Eli woke up, he was surrounded by squirreling bags of moving things. To the right, he could barley see out of the bag he was in, but could see his best friend tied and in a other bag. Eli looked to his left and the old man was cutting open bags. He saw the girls and boys being freed. The old man took a girl over to what looked like a big Kitchen. Eli had to close his eyes when to old man hung the girl by her hair and started cutting off every one of her fingers. She was screaming as one finger after another were cut off. She was crying and at the end of all her fingers, he started cutting off her feet with a chainsaw. As the saw was inserted into her flesh , a squirt of blood shot across the room. And then another. The girl was screaming and then, the worst part. The old man put the saw up to her neck . While she was still screaming, “Please no, please no!” He turned on the saw and her limp dead body fell to the floor with her hair and head still hanging above.
As Eli tried to not cry he heard a noise. He turned to his left and there was another old man who looked exactly like the one who had taken Eli, but this was not a human. Eli suddenly realized that this was a robot. An exact replica of the real old man. They had been fake but the one that was killing the children was the real guy. He had made himself and army of robots that were exactly like him. How crewel was this old man trying to be? Killing children while they were just trying to have fun? What was his motive?
Then, Eli remembered, he had still had his pencil in his pocket from doing homework. The fabric around him was not that tough and could rip easily. He took his pencil out of his pocket and stabbed it through the material. It went through like a knife to butter. Eli started ripping up and down, until there was a hole big enough for him to crawl into. He had squeezed out and reached over to help his friend out of the bag. He ripped it open and his friend came out. They both ran over to the old guy who was getting ready to kill another innocent life. Eli grabbed his pencil and shoved it in to the old mans eye. As he screamed Eli started suffocating him; his life was over.
His friend started cutting bags with one of the knifes that the old man had not used and freed all the kids. There must have been at least 50 kids all wrapped up. They all went up stairs dodging robots left and right. They saw the exit and ran out. They immediately started screaming for help. They called the police and they came, sirens and all, and Eli confessed to killing that man, but it was for the life’s of other children. He was happy of what he had done and what he had done to save all their lives. Then he went back home lay on his bed waiting for another Halloween and fell asleep.

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