My Forgotten Murdered Love (Part 2)

December 21, 2009
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I awoke to the annoying “Beep, Beep, Beep” of my alarm clock. I was on the floor beside the TV that fluttered with static. I felt sore all over as I slowly picked myself off the ground and walked over to shut off the alarm. “What the heck happened last night?” I said. I got ready for school as I usually did and went downstairs to greet my annoying mother, but mom was not there as she had been every morning. “Mom!” I called through the empty house. I heard no answer. “She must have gone to work early,” I thought. I had no time to eat an apple, so I grabbed my backpack and guitar to go outside and catch the bus.

On the bus, Kyle was staring at me and so was Chris. I sat down in the seat across from Kyle that I always sat in everyday. Chris was the first to speak and the first to end the awkward silence. “So Kailey, did you two kiss yet?” Chris said jokingly but somehow still in a serious tone. “What!?!” I said without hesitation. “You know,” Chris said, “you and Kyle seemed really close yesterday with the holding hands and hugging and the ‘Oh, I love you so much, Kailey’ and ‘Oh, I love you too, Kyle.’” I was in a state of embarrassment. I thought this was a sick joke, but when I looked over at Kyle, he just stared back at me in a strange daze with love deep in his blue eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said quickly and put on my iPod headphones to end the conversation. I couldn’t hear what Kyle and Chris were saying, but they looked more confused than me.

When our bus reached the school, Kyle looked depressed and ran off the bus, not waiting for me or waking me to class like his normal routine. “What’s wrong with Kyle?” I asked Chris. “Ummm, I don’t know, Kailey. Why don’t you ask him?” I had a feeling he knew but just didn’t want to tell me why Kyle was upset.

I was alone in cooking class, running late on making a stew. The other kids and the teacher had already gone to lunch. I was determined to finish the stew and make it my lunch. I had to wear this ridiculous chef hat with a blue apron when I worked in the kitchen. I was using a sharp blade to chop up carrots for the stew when my ex boyfriend Dennis showed his face, after all these years of avoiding me and breaking the heart of every girl in this school. He was standing in the doorway and he didn’t look happy, with an evil grin on his face and his arms crossed. He strutted over to me like he was the coolest guy in the world. “So how’s your new boyfriend treating you?” he said. “I don’t have a boyfriend. Why is everyone acting so weird today!?!” I shouted at him. “So you won’t mind if I do this?” he said as he squeezed my ***. “Don’t touch me!” I screamed. I started to panic as he held me in his arms and stopped me from running away. “Or what? Your weak, skinny boyfriend’s going to hurt me?” he asked. He began reaching his hand down my pants. I picked up the knife, held it strong in my right hand, and stabbed him in the face. The blood gushed from the knife wound that went through his skull and punctured his brain between the eyes. He screamed with agony and pain, stepped backwards, and tripped over a chair. He fell on his face, digging the knife deeper into his brain. He ceased screaming and moving, which is when it dawned on me that I just committed murder.

The blood still poured out over the white tiled floor. “Holy crap, I killed him!” I yelled as Chris walked into the room just in time to hear me. “Oh, my God. Oh, My God! OH, MY GOD!” was all Chris could say as he ran into the room to try to help the situation. Chris slipped on the blood stained floor and his head fell into the stew pot that was on the 180 degree stove. Chris removed his burnt, sizzling, melted face out of the pot at once. I freaked out when he started screaming, I grasped my guitar tight, and “Smashed” it over his head that gushed with blood. Chris spit out his blood covered teeth. He didn’t die, and all I wanted was for there to be peace and quiet. I crashed my guitar against his head again and again and, with each hit, the screams grew quieter and quieter. Chris was dead.

“Oh, my God, I killed my best friend! Why did I kill Chris?” I asked myself. I wasn’t thinking straight and felt that I needed to cover up what I had done. I broke the pipes that went to the gas-powered stoves and lit a match. The room filled with fire much faster than I expected. I threw my bloody apron into the fire. It engulfed the evidence of the murders. I closed the door to the room and then ran to lunch so I wouldn’t cause suspicion. I was sweating, and not just from the hot fire, but from the fear of being caught for what I had just done. As I walked to lunch, the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers came on, raining down cold water.

I fled the scene and left the school in an attempt to run home. When I was on the road, I looked back to see my school one last time, sure that it would burn to a crisp. Black, thick smoke rose off the roof into the winter sky. It was somehow ironic to see the school burn with the white, puffy snowflakes decorating the air. I turned and headed home, cold and wet from the water sprinklers.

I walked in the freezing cold snow for about 3 miles before I heard the police sirens. I was on a bridge hovering over a hard, icy, frozen lake. The lights flashed red and blue on the snowflakes. The fat cop got out of the car and walked up to me as I froze with terror. “Are you Kailey?” the young man asked me. “Yes,” I replied, feeling stupid that I told the truth. “Why aren’t you in school?” the officer asked. “Because I was feeling sick and I was walking to my friend’s house. Yeah, not the best thing to do in this weather I suppose,” I joked, trying to look innocent. He saw right through me. “Well it looks like you’re walking in the direction of your home and you’re much closer to your school than your house. Why are you lying to me, Kailey? You do know something about what happened earlier at your school, don’t you?” he asked me, clearly knowing more than I thought. Just then the officer slipped on the black ice that was hidden beneath the snow. He fell on his back yelling, “Aw, ****!” I ran over to him, pretending to help him up, but instead, I snatched his gun and put it in my back belt loop for later. I kicked the fat policeman off the bridge and he “Plunged” head first into the ice that shattered under the strain of his weight. He fell deep underwater and had no way of escape with all the ice preventing him from reaching oxygen. I could see him pounding on the ice with his hands, fighting desperately for his life. After a few minutes, air bubbles rose against the glassy ice and the officer drowned. “I just killed another person today, and only God knows how many people died in that fire,” I whispered to myself like I was a crazy person.

I hopped in the driver’s seat of the cop car and turned the key in the ignition. I drove the rest of the way home fast and swerved all over the road. The car plowed through the snow like it wasn’t even there, and I was home 17 minutes later. I crashed the police car into my mailbox; I was in such a hurry, and parked crookedly in my front driveway. I got out of the car too look for my mommy. When I opened the door, I was shaking from the most traumatizing day. The house was dark, with the lights off, and the only light coming from the open door behind me. Just then, a shadow came from the dark kitchen in my home, walking toward me calling my name, “Kailey? Kailey, is that you?” I didn’t think but only feared the dreaded horror of the person I couldn’t identify. I took the officer’s gun out from behind me and shot the figure with every bullet the gun had held in its chamber. The ghostly shadow fell down to the ground and jolted a little with each fire of the bullet that punctured its flesh. I was no longer afraid when the phantom appeared deceased. I turned on the lights, revealing the boy I secretly loved dead, killed by my own murderous hands. I dropped the gun and ran over to Kyle, crying my heart and soul out as his beautiful, sky blue eyes stared at me lifelessly. The love I once saw in them was gone forever. “No…No…No. How can this be? Not Kyle. I loved you!” I wept and shed every tear in my body and spirit. “He would never love me now, not even in heaven or hell, the place I’m sure to be going,” I said, still crying.

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