Moonshine. - Parts 1-5

December 21, 2009
By C.Paige GOLD, Norman, Oklahoma
C.Paige GOLD, Norman, Oklahoma
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"God teaches us things in mysterious ways. He teaches us love through heartbreak, He teaches us acceptance through failure, and He teaches us strength through the loss of things treasured." - C.O.

<u>Part 1</u>
- "Eythan." I whisper. I look around.. <i>I'm the only one here..</i> and instantly burst into tears.
- I cry for what feels like hours. Salty drops pouring and pouring until, at last, the river runs dry. I sniffle once more and realize that I'm still sitting in bed. I flip back the comforter and slowly slide off the mattress. I'm totally drained of energy, but manage to shuffle my way down the hall and to the bathroom. The switch from wood to tile under my feet goes unnoticed. I'm numb.
- I flick on the bathroom light and walk over to the mirror. I blink once.. Twice.. <i>Holy crap..</i> I don't recognize the melancholy girl starring back at me. She has puffy, bloodshot eyes, damp skin, and a broken expression. <i>Pathetic.</i>
- I look away from the strange girl and grab the silver handle on the faucet. No smooth, cold sensation. Nothing. I plug the drain and turn the handle slowly. Frigid water fills the sink. I turn it off, take a deep breath, and plunge my hands into the water. I cup the liquid ice in my palms and bring it to my face. <b>Splash.</b> I scream.

<u>Part 2</u>
- Everything hits me again. But not like being pummeled by a train or smashed by a car. More like a punch in the kidney, twelfth round, for the knockout. I thought I had no more tears left in me, but sadly, I'm wrong. They fill my eyes to the brim and spill over the edges. I sink to the floor. I have nothing left in me. No energy.. No hope.. <i>This place feels like a prison cell.. Blank walls.. White tile.. Might as well put bars on the window..</i> But suddenly, the doorbell rings.
- "Who the.." But I pop up quickly as I wipe my face on my shirt. I glance back in the mirror. The girl's cheeks are still soggy and her eyes slighty glow with red, but she looks decent. I turn away from her and inhale slowly. Releasing the exhale, I straighten my shirt and stride out of the bathroom.
- I'm confident moving down the hall. But stop dead in my tracks as soon as I hit the living room. <i>What if it's.. <b>them</b>..</i> I shake the thought away. But still hesitate as I take it step by step towards the front door. <b>Thump. Thump. Thump.</b> I'm five feet away when I realize we have no peephole. I curse under my breath. But keep moving forward.

<u>Part 3</u>
- Feet turn to inches as inches turn to.. <i>WOAH!</i> I almost run into the door. "Way to go," I murmur. Raising a shaky hand, I place it flat on the smooth wood. And take my time as I guide it down to rest on the doorknob. I'm deathly afraid, but grip the rounded metal. My fingers are trembling. The knob rattles softly. I turn.. And pull.. It's like the car accident all over again. I see it happening, almost as if time stood still, but I can't stop it. My heart like a hundred horses in my chest, galloping faster and faster. The door opens with a long, lonely creak. I cringe. It's open. I'm exposed.
- But no one is there. I let out a huge gust of air. Alleviation relaxing my whole body. <i>You are totally paranoid..</i> I push the door closed, but within a second from shutting, bronze fingers shoot through the opening. I jump. The door swings back open to reveal those beautiful green diamonds staring at me. Without even thinking, I run and wrap my arms tight around him. "Um.. Hi?" he says. I release him from my grip. "Ohmygod Eythan.. I missed you." He laughs amusingly. "You must be the amazing girl Little B. always talks about." I raise a confused eyebrow. He explains. "I'm Khris. Eythan's twin brother."

<u>Part 4</u>
- I'm shocked.. Baffled.. Stupefied. But Khris doesn't look as stunned as I am. More confused. I studder. "So he's.. dead? Oh God.. Oh God, no.." My last ounce of strength shatters. I fall to the floor. Tepid, salty reminders of my pain start flowing. <i>I'm hopeless.</i> I hold my face in my hands and sob. I don't stop. I don't hide. I just stay on the ground and cry. Right there in front of Khris.
- But then, I feel a gentle, almost familiar, warmth on my wrists. And pulling slowly, they tempt my soggy palms away to uncover the crippled soul displayed boldly on my face. One last tear rolls down my cheek. A graceful, browned finger wipes it away.
- I look up right into those comforting, green glass marble eyes. He takes my hands in his and asks, "Please.. What happened to Eythan?" I swallow. "He was hit by a car after he threw me out of the way. I hit my head on the concrete and blacked out. I woke up in my bed this morning.. But he wasn't here.." Khris's jaw tightens. And though his face remains the same, rage is burning in his eyes. "What have <b>they</b> done to my little brother?" He trails off. A light turns on in my head. "But wait," I start. "I never said anything about <i>them..</i>"

<u>Part 5</u>
- Khris says nothing. My eyes pierce his soul, but are stopped abruptly by an invisible shield. <i>I can't tell what he's thinking.</i> I'm slightly annoyed. "Well?" I question. "Do you know who did this to him? To my Eythan?" He looks down, almost as if he's ashamed, but still doesn't answer. I wait.
- He sits quietly for a few moments more, then speaks."You said he was hit by a car. Correct?" He brings his face back up to mine. My stomach ties itself in a bow. A lump forms in my throat. "Yes," I reply. His eyes shift quickly. <i>He's thinking..</i> "What type of car was it?" He sounds cautious, but straight forward. His eyes are blazing with mental fury. I flashback. "It was a black Esca.." But I don't even have to finish as a single tear slides down his copper cheek.

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