Angel the Devils Revenge

October 12, 2009
By ~\"*J_2_Ramos*\"~ BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
~\"*J_2_Ramos*\"~ BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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“Okay class shut up!” Mrs. Mandy the teacher yelled.
“Elmo, stop cutting yourself with the scissors!” she added.
“Elmo is emo,” Barney said in a cough.
“So what, I hate life,” Elmo said.
“No you don’t, Barney shut up and sit down now!” Mrs. Mandy demanded.
“Okay class start reading for 30 minutes, and give me those scissors Elmo,” Mrs. Mandy said as she took the scissors from Elmo.
“Ha-ha,” Bob the Builder said.
“So, I got a back up plan,” Elmo said as he got a piece of paper and paper cut his veins.

Cesar stood up and walk around the class room so suspicious, we goes and gets a tissue he looks at Angel and walk toward him.
“Cesar sit down now,” Mrs. Mandy said.
Cesar sat down. Cesar always wanted to get Angel but didn’t know how. Then the time came, Angel was reading his book and Cesar was behind him. Cesar tapped Angel right shoulder and when Angel turn around Cesar moved to Angel left shoulder so when Angel was looking over his shoulder there was no one. Angel was confused.

“Hey guys let go to my house after school,” Cesar said.
Ok,” they replied.
Cesar come to the front office, Cesar please come to the front office thank you,” the announcer said.
“What you do?” everyone asked.
“Nothing” Cesar said as he left.
Cesar was walking down the hall like a kinder gardener in a high school, all lost and worried, the hall were dark and quite, he entered the office.
“Ah Cesar how are you, I don’t know why they call you or who did but you can go back to class,” Mr. De La Raza said.
When Cesar got back to his class and sat in his chair the announcements came again and said the same thing but Cesar would not go. Mr. De La Raza got worried and went to Cesar classroom and closed the door and locked the windows. A hook on a chain went smashing threw the window and into Mr. de la raza mouth and the hook out his throat. The chain was pulled and Mr. de la raza flew out the window.
“I want Cesar to pay,” the man dressed all black with a hoodie said.
“Run Cesar run,” they told Cesar.

Cesar ran to his house and waited for his friends. They finally came with some ice cream. Cesar looked at them with a look.
“We got scared then hungry so we got ice cream,” Bob the Builder said.
“That was weird” Elmo said as he cut himself.
“Why did he want to kill me?” Cesar asked.
“I don’t know but you should watch your back, I got to go,” Angel said as he left.
Everyone went outside suddenly the house exploded. The guy dressed in black was back. He got a saw and cut Elmo in the veins,
“I know how you like that emo,” the guy said in a deep voice.
“You killed Elmo, you bastard,” Barney said.
The guy shoots Barney and bob six times.
“Its time Cesar,” the guy said.
“Wait, who are you?” Cesar asked.
He took of the hoodie. It was angel.
“Why angel of the devil, why?” Cesar asked.
“Because you prank me in class when you tapped my shoulder and when I looked you weren’t there” angel said as he threw Cesar to the fish bowl. Cesar had landed on his fish squishy. Cesar ran to the backyard and got on his tricycle but Angel shoved him in the pool and put all electronic and electric eels in there. Cesar was fried to death.

Everyone died in the fire and Angle was not suspected cause of his name, everyone thought Angel was a angel.

The author's comments:
its horror

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