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December 18, 2009
By Jjane SILVER, Uithoorn, Other
Jjane SILVER, Uithoorn, Other
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Mother kissed her cheeck, it was a warm kiss. Scar felt love, inside, her body warmed up, she woke up. Her mother stood next to her bed:
Happy birthday!, my girl is grown up now.
17! already!
After the whole traditional circle she went to shcool. She walked through an alley. Compared to their neighbourhood this was like an ugly, unaccepted street with lots of ''bad people''
Scar looked at a man who was sitting on the cold pavement,he was smoking a sigaret. Scar felt sad, but the man had a warm fire in his eyes, he looked at scar and smiled. Scar felt a flush through her body. The warm feeling of love I guess, had reached her again. It was like a rush, a beautifull warm moment.
-Get out, go sit on the floor. that may be the best place for you!
a girl yelled. when Scar looked at the girl and her friends, who set at the cafeteria table, she felt an upcoming rush in her stomach. she could barrely breath. She ren to the restroom, where she threw up.
It was a dark missery of blood and cake which she had for breakfast.(which was very rare, couse her parents were very strict ritch people who raised theire doughter by ''good rules'') she sad on the floor, a dirty restroom floor. But she didn't cry, she thought about good things. All her memories rushed through her head. She wanted to feel the warm rush through her body again, like she felt when her mother kissed her, or when the homeless guy in the alley looked at her.
Bobby ren to her, he wrote an other chapter for his dark-magic book.
Scar never believed in dark magic, but she always felt there is something more then what she is able to see or believe. Besides, she is raised as a Christian, her parents are very strict Katholics.
-Wanna know what this page can do to us?
-I don't know, is it something scarry?
-No it's fun, it's spiritual, it can let you forget about all the bad things and save love in your heart. Just love, just the warmth, God.
- Feeling love for ever, and not feeling bad... That would be great, no worries, no crying, no pain... but no, it's not right to use magic on souls. It's just not right Bobby.
-Sure, I'll show you later.Got to go now, bye!
day is about to end, the sun goes down, the moon raises up. It's just like in all these horror films, where vampires get alive when the moon shows it's light. But it's just ilusion. Vampires, magic, it's all illusion. That's what mom and dad say, that's what teachers say, they are right. It should be forbidden to even think about it.
Scar closed her eyes and got in the heavy trans of sleep and dreams,she awoke with a start. A whispering, words. She hears something whispering in her ear, she looks up, the seiling, nothing besides walls, a window. It's gone, the whispering stopped. Scar has no idea what the hell the voice was saying, but it doesn't matter, it's the feeling, the warm feeling, it's love, it's inside her, the rush, warm body.
jumped on her bed.
-Good morning Scoop, did you sleep well?
remembers exactly when she got Scoop, a blond labrador, her best friend.She got him when she was 9, she finally got a friend, a good friend. Scoop was a very important thing in Scar's life, he was and still is her best friend. A friend who doesn't judge, doesn't laugh at her, doesn't critisize.
Shall we tell her now? Father asked
- No not yet, after our family day out, we will come home, have a dinner together and then we will tell her.
- O darlin, she will be so happy about it. Finally a baby sister, finally. She always wanted a baby brother or sister, so she would not be alone anymore. It was so heartbreaking when I had to tell her I'm not able to have anymore children. She would never believe it!
SSt! there she comes!
a long talk with Scoop Scar ran downstairs for breakfast.
Her parents where sitting at the kitchen table, breakfast was served already, oatmeal, like every morning.
- Did you do your homework?
-Yes dad. Scar answered.
-Good girl, tonight whe have a suprise for you,we are taking you to the movie theatre, finally some family time.
-Can Lisa go with us?
- Sure
When they picked up Lisa they drove to the movie theatre, they sad on the cinemachairs and waited for the movie to begin.
It was a horror-science fiction film. it was about religion and love.
How you can connect souls for ever. Dark magic against God, who finally became one. Satan and God.Pretty creepy though, but also very deep and beautifull.
It made Scar think about her life, about the possibilities she had, she had the possibility to go to every collage she wanted, of course her parents had already chosen a good university for Scar, and Scar was supposed to become a doctor, which she looked very forward to, becouse she was always interested in the human body and helping people. Scar also loves animals, not only scoop but she always had a thing for animals, a special bond, she understood them and they seemed to understand her. Scar has weird thoughts sometimes. like once she killed a bird because something whispered that she needed to sacravice a soul to help humanity and herself.
you will never believe what film I've just seen. You would love it, it really made me think, and I think I want to read your book. The film kind of opened my eyes and showed me the possibilities I have. There is more then I can reach now, I want to be happy, I want to feel the rush again.
Bobby, Scar and Lisa met At Scar's. they sat in a circle.It was a dark room with some candles on the floor. It was dark, the lighting candles were the only light in the room.
There was a note on the floor, in the middle of the circle.
''Read it'' Scar said.
Bobby took the note and read it with Lisa:
'' Since yesterday I started thinking about my life, about our lives. I thought about all the people I love, about my lovely parents, about you, about Scoop. I know we can connect our souls for ever, and feel the rush again, but then for ever. I found a way to do that. It's no dark magic, it's all pure love, it's poetic. This circle will never break, it will last for ever, our journey begins now.
If you all agree to do this...
Bobbies face turned white, his eyes kind of died. He looked at Scar: Are you sure?
- Yes, I always felt unaccepted, unwanted. I tried to commit suicide a couple times and never succeeded. I never knew why. But now I do : I never had a goal to die, I didn't want to live, but dying was not my goal. After I understood that, I found a way to finally belong somewere. See, when we connect our souls, we will be together for ever. We will feel each others love for ever. There won't be people who hate you anymore, people who judge you. besides, we don't really have a goal to live, we don't have brothers or sisters, Bobby, Lisa, you lost your parents two years ago. We have nothing to live for, so instead of being selfish and live in this dark world filled with hate, we can actually do something for each other. This is not magic, but it's an activity we can do to bond our souls. it's scarry and painfull for a moment, but it's worth it.
Took her arm, then he took a bite.Lisa took Bobby's arm and did the same. So it went on in the circle.Pieces, souls, minds, where closer to each other then ever before. They felt the rush, it began...
about your parents? Lisa can hardly bring the words, her body is a mess, blood everywere, there is not much left.
I already made them sleep. I carry their souls inside me, it's over, the pain is gone, they are inside me, im not alone anymore. Scoop ren away, he is a lost soul... I had to forget about him, but I still have my parents inside me.I did it with pain in my heart, with tears in my eyes. When I took a bite out of her stomach i felt something kicking me in the face, it was like something inside my mother wanted to warn me or something, but she thought me it's all illusions, it's all fake, it's my imaginasion, it's all about love, forget the dark, light your heart. So I continued, now shes in me, for ever.
Bobby can barrely look up. He is nothing but a mess, there is not much left of him.
silence, no word is spoken, no life to reach. It's silence.
Like Scar believed, the souls are free, they live in each other, filled with love, hope and warmth. For ever.

The author's comments:
The story is about friends/family who show their love by eating each other.
the main caracter scar, is a quiet little psycho kind girl. She thinks about killing, suicide, but also about nice things, for example she loves animals, but sometimes her mind controls her. She did kill animals in her past and tries not to do that again, but her mind is tronger then her will, will she survive? will her friends survive her friendship? will her parents survive the love of het daughter?
Will Scar survive the worlds hate?

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