The Next Door Neighboor Part 1

December 1, 2009
By pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
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Chapter 1

Sie-Vil, formerly sierra village, is a strange place. It is an abode with a bizarre edge. There are stories that are told, some true and others that are fake. However, this awkward part of the world, nestled between the grocery store and the drive in, is so unbelievable that sometimes we forget what is true and what is false. We begin to question reality, bend it into an incredible and unrealistic story that is very realistic. So in places like Sie-Vil, rich in stories, how do, we know what is real and what is not? I find that the best stories are sometimes are the most flawed. Do not question the reality of any story; just listen. Immerse yourself in the fantasy.

Chapter 2

Leslie March sat in the back of the blue mini van. Her mother and she both sat in silenced. Leslie was incredibly mad at her mother. After living her entire life in Jett, a Town in Nevada, her mother had the nerve to move her to a city. She sighed with anger and sadness.

“Leslie it won’t be that bad,” Mrs. March had heard her daughter and was trying to comfort her, “You’ll be closer to the beach, and malls, and…” Her words were ignored. Leslie had already decided that this move was the end of her life and there was no recovering from something this major. She let out another sigh and looked out at the unfamiliar view passing by.

Chapter 3

Faith Leigh had lived in San Jose Her entire life. She loved it. Her promise to her self was that she would never leave. That was until she met Samuel March. He was perfect for her, Samuel and Faith became inseparable. When Samuel inherited the March Ranch in Jett, Nevada, Faith left her beloved city for the Nevada countryside. The move took a toll on Faith; she became lonely and reclusive. When their daughter, Leslie, was born Faith was ecstatic, she finally had someone to talk to in the vast nothingness. Sadly, when Leslie turned five Samuel became ill and passed within the year. Faith tried to run the Ranch, but the cost and bills finally drove her to foreclose. For a while, Faith and Leslie lived with Samuel’s Mother but the relationship became sour when Faith could no longer pay rent. Faith made a huge decision, they were moving back to San Jose. Leslie, now fifteen, fought the idea. However, Leslie now sat in the back of Faith’s mini van.

Chapter 4

It is said that 6022, one of the many houses in Sie-Vil, was owned by a witch. Some say that if you listen carefully you can hear those the witch cursed. The house is generally creepy. There have been many events that made past owners believe in the walking dead. Take the people that moved into the house that found a mirror stuck up in the open attic. The children of the family grew up thinking that if you looked into the mirror too long you would become possessed. The family soon after had a Girl Scout meeting in the garage. The girls were doing facials and one just happened to look into the old mirror on the wall; ten minutes later a boogey board and a light fell for the open attic. The family said it was a coincidence. However, the family began to experience strange things: old clocks starting on their own, doorknobs moved with no one outside, and the biggest of all, the children’s beds would suddenly begin to bounce. The family became scared and sold the house to a Faith March.
Chapter 5

Leslie hated the complex just by its look. It looked run down, the paint colors did not match and the streets had corroded. Over the next few weeks, her new neighbors came to welcome her and her mother. They were strange; the man across the street, who had tons of cats, came over and brought her mother a six-pack; the other man across the street, who had a large bed of roses, gave them a small teacup rose. The woman next door, a teacher at a correctional facility, offered to take care of their house if they ever went on a trip. When the quite man across the garage area came over, her mother was surprised to learn that he was a High school friend. His name was Peter, Pete to her mother, and he had never left the area after college. Her mother and Pete sat in the family room talking; they had also opened up the six-pack from the other neighbor. Leslie, bored with the long conversation, went up into her room. She had decided to take the bedroom over the garage. Her mother had offered her the master bedroom, but the door that went into the open attic was in the master’s closet, and that scared her. Leslie walked over to the large window; Pete's house faced her. His garage was open and she could just see the concrete floor. There was a strange red mess on the floor. Leslie’s eyes widened at the sight of the large spot on the floor. She climbed down to the garage area, and walked into Pete’s garage.
Chapter 6

People like to pretend. It starts when we are kids when we decided that we were pirates and princesses. As we get older, we imagined being that infamous rock star or that beautiful supermodel. When we finally hit adulthood, we begin our career and forget about make-believe, right? No, we never forget those long summers in the backyard being cowboys or that one summer when that person made you believe that you were the most gorgeous person on Earth. As an adult, we begin to fantasize about those vacations we would never be able to take or those jobs we will never be able to get. Even as an elderly person we tend to imagine long intricate stories about out past that never really happened. If you really think about, what are high school reunions? They are that one time every five or ten years when we can go back to high school; we can pretend that we are still sixteen not forty. We have always make-believed that we live different lives instead of our own, but what would happen if an extremist of make-believe was to go to the next level?
Chapter 7

Leslie looked at the large paint stain on the floor of Pete’s garage. The newly painted wall still smelt of paint and was wet to the touch. Leslie could smell another odor in the garage. She could not place her finger on the strange foreign smell. She had smelt it before, but could not tell what it was…

“Miss, I would like it if you got out of my garage,” Pete stood in the doorway of the garage, “Oh I’m sorry Leslie I hadn’t known you had snuck out here.” Leslie began to feel slightly claustrophobic, Pete stood between her and her house. Moreover, the way he stood showed her that he and her mother had finished the six-pack.

“I am sorry I am in your garage, Mr.…”

“Pete, Leslie just Pete.” Pete had stepped a little bit closer to Leslie. She could smell the alcohol and cigarettes on his breath.

“Has anybody ever told you, you look just like your mother?” people had told Leslie that but she still shook her head no.

“No, really that’s odd? Because you do,” the next thing he did was strange, he dragged his finger down the side of Leslie’s face all while saying, “Same hair, eyes, nose and mouth. See I think it is very strange that no one has ever told you that.” Leslie was scared; however, Pete had her only exit blocked.

“Uh um,” Leslie stammered, “I think I need to go now, Pete” Pete slowly backed away allowing her room just enough room in order for her to slip past him.

“Hope to see you again Leslie!”

Back up in her room Leslie was able to remember what the foreign sent was. It was bleach, but she had not seen a washing machine anywhere in Pete’s garage.

“Hey Les,” Her mother yelled up the stairway.

Chapter 8

At one point in their high school career, Peter Yankee and Faith Leigh had dated. They were even suppose to go to the prom together, however, two days before the prom Faith had decided to go to the prom with a Samuel March leaving Peter dateless for his own senior prom. Peter decided against going to the prom, except he soon found out that he was the only person that had not gone. He became known as “dateless” and “loner”. The teasing became so bad that Peter did not go to his own graduation, afraid that he would be teased so badly in front of his entire visiting family. He never knew what happened to Faith or Samuel, until that one business trip to Nevada.

Chapter 9

“What Mom?” Leslie was still a little shaken up by her encounter with Pete.

“Listen Les I am going to look for a new job and Pete has agreed to look after you, is that cool?” Leslie went to open her mouth to object but her mother cut her off, “No you are not too old to have a babysitter and Peter is a nice guy, okay? Oh, and by the way don’t call my cell phone because I might be in the middle of an interview. Alright, I’m all set. Uh see you later, okay?” With that, her mother opened the door and stepped out. Leslie went to go to tell her mother about her encounter with Pete, but Pete was already standing outside next to her mother.

“Oh hey Leslie,” Pete waved to her when he saw her, “We are going to have fun to night. I thought we might go down to the movie theater and see a movie. That sound fun?” Pete now stood right next to Leslie on the doorstep. Leslie watched in agony as her mother got into the blue minivan and drove away.

“So, Leslie” Pete started, “What do you want to do tonight huh?” Pete slowly put his arm around Leslie’s shoulder slowly dragging her into the house, “I’ve got a couple thing planned that we could do.”

Chapter 10

Grudges are strange things; they can eat away at you or fuel your success. However, what if a grudge leads you to become un human, a beast hungry for retribution, what then? What happens when the resent is too much, what would you do then, give in or fight through it?

Chapter 11

Leslie sat on the couch across from Pete. She was crying, and he seamed slightly out of it. Leslie got up thinking that if she made it to her room she could forget that Pete was even in her house.

The author's comments:
I wrote it as a project in my sophmore year

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