With Yellow Eyes

November 30, 2009
By marcom PLATINUM, Moscow, Idaho
marcom PLATINUM, Moscow, Idaho
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I was a third person party. The night clouded in depths of darkness. Layers of moisture condensed the night. A swirling whirlpool surrounded the moon. Fog, mist, ice, clouds, and night battled against the moons beam. The wheat field stood at shoulder length. Nothing around. No one around. Only one burning fire glimmered to the sky. My feet called to its warmth, and my insides burned with longing and passion. Sweat dripped and washed my face. My hands and feet like boulders of ice. My sweat froze up like a smooth layer of skin that wrapped me as its victim. Cold splinters attacking my back. Closer and closer I physically came to the fire.

Then figures emerged. A woman and a man danced near the fire, each in contrast to one another. His skin was white like the moons light. Her skin was dark like the earths ground. His hair was short and blonde, hers long and black. The man’s eyes were blue, she had dark yellow eyes. They danced and pranced against the fires flickers. Sweat covered there bodies, and both in tune with their seductive calls to one another. Then the woman looked up and abruptly stopped. Her eyes met mine, she smiled and laughed. She dropped to her knees and touched the ground. A long silver blade appeared in her hands. She swirled around and let the blade fly. It encircled the fire, and spoke with its spinning tongue. It glistened and was warming up. The blue eyed man faced the fire. The blade stopped spinning, and like a torpedo it shot at him. Swish! The blade pierced his heart. He wheezed for breath. Color left every inch of his body, even his eyes now turning gray. Scarlet tears ran down his face. Crimson gashes peaked from his mouth. Burgundy squirts shot from his back, pulsing like his dying heart.

Blood filled the atmosphere with its salty bitterness. The woman laughed at her evil deed. My body lost in confusion planted its roots. The man breathed his final breath, with his ruby mask.

“I…..will….. Avenge…… my…… soul!” He managed to huff. The woman laughed and smiled with no form of guilt. Her hands swirled in the fire without burning. She took her hands out, and a fireball the size of a baby stood on her palms.

“Goodbye my love.” She whispered. She threw the fire onto his body and his eyes opened wide. No sound came from him. Only the cackling and burning flesh served as music. Smoldering and rotten meat struck my nostrils like lighting. I gagged and spit to the ground. The murderous woman turned around, her full attention on me. The blade appeares in her hands. She walked slowly, pounding her bare feet on the soft dirt. My mind melted and left. Common sense ran with fear. My insides tearing my muscles apart to gets movement flowing.

Before I inhaled another breath she stood mere inches away from me. Her evil yellow eyes frolicked within her eye sockets. Her skin yelled to be touched and harnessed like the power of the sun. Her aroma personified fresh cut spices. White pointy teeth smirked upon my face.

“Welcome to your new life, my son.” The woman whispered, faltering me to my knees. A laugh emerged from her chest. She wiped the blade off with her fingers. Then she smeared the thick drippy liquid on my face.

The moon shone harder on the spot. The fire towered over our bodies. The wind yelled from its inner core. Then the woman spoke in tone with the elements:
You--my ancient blood
Son of dust and lust
Will gain great trust
What hath done now will be just
With death of one
It has begun

My mind raced back into my body. I screamed and fell onto the cold damp floor. I rummaged with my hands and found…………….. My phone?
My phone? How can I have my phone in the middle of nowhere? Lost in confusion I opened my eyes, and sighed. I am just at home in bed. Ugh its morning. But hey the good news is that I’m not dreaming anymore. That was creepy. Can’t wait to tell my parents about this one, they’ll go nuts when they hear about it. I got up lazily and headed for my bathroom, and froze. In the mirror was my reflection. A normal sixteen year old teenage boy. Then upon my eyes I realized something dangerous.

“I have her eyes,” I said out loud, “I have yellow eyes.” How can I possibly have the same eyes? Then behind me the air spoke in gasps:

“I…..will….avenge…… My……… soul!”

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