The Man In the Abandoned Shack

December 15, 2009
By Chris Gadomski BRONZE, Wood Dale, Illinois
Chris Gadomski BRONZE, Wood Dale, Illinois
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Midnight. The man had been frantically pacing. Wondering, pondering. He feels everyone is after him. He feels like he might go insane.

There’s a rapping at the door. Who’s there? The man begins to panic. He thinks of hiding, but then realizes that no one is there. The man is overcome by a wave of relief.

He takes the time to realize the archaic portraits hanging on the wall. Who are these people? The man begins to pace back and forth, terrified out of his sanity. What is my purpose for being here? Who is after me and WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG??? There is a sudden flash of lightning.

No sound is made after that. Only silence.

Eerie, dead silence.

The man is frightened to the extent that he considers jumping through the window. The record player, which had initially appeared to be broken, begins to play. The man can take it no longer. He proclaims at the top of his lungs, “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!?” The record player screeches to a stop, as if someone grabbed the record to force it to stop.

The bedroom door upstairs begins to creak open in an ominous, threatening way. The man can hear what seem to be footsteps headed right towards him. Whooooooo aaarrreeeee yoouuuuuu??? He hears the haunt say. The hairs on the back of his neck are standing on end.

“Mm-m-my n-n-name i-is….”


The man realizes he has aggravated the haunt to the point in which it becomes maliciously enraged.

“I was like you. Similar, if not exactly alike. I, too, was paranoid, believing the world to be against me. I ran out to this abandoned shack. I saw the same portraits, and ultimately ended up going insane and died in this very house.”

The haunt is leaving him a warning.

“Then what can I do to prevent my death?” The man asks.

“There is nothing,” the haunt says.

“What will happen to me then?”

The haunt does not respond


“Yes, you will. Death is inevitable.”

“How can I live?” The man begins to beg and plead.


“How, how, HOW?”

“I have told you. You cannot escape death.”

“Then HOW-”

The man is never heard from again.

For the following days, the town searches frantically for the man. After weeks of relentless looking, the town gives up.

If you ask them, the townspeople will swear to you that he was taken by the Devil himself. Believe what you will, but no one, not even me, shall ever know what happened to the man in the abandoned shack.

The author's comments:
I was just at my sister's choir concert, and this idea just came to me, so I just wrote. This is my first story and I hope you get the point I'm trying to get across. That paranoia and the supernatural do not mix well. You'll find out what I mean as you read along.

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