Falling Forever

December 15, 2009
By Cortneycc1234 BRONZE, Findlay, Ohio
Cortneycc1234 BRONZE, Findlay, Ohio
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The coal-black, long, and curly locks plastered to my cheeks, my shoulders and further. The rain had yet to cease, on this stormy disrupted night. My name... of course is not of any importance at this moment...
For this moment... Was my escape.
I had been dreaming of escaping this castle since my mothre had wed Lord Randolf the 3rd. You'd think that maybe that meant I was apart of the family. But not in this marriage. it had seemed like my mother had lost all off her maternal sense, and agreed with Randolph that I'd become a slave of the castle.
To my horror, there were only three ways out of my situation. One, I would be set free on the day of my Twenty-first birthday. Two a man to ask me for my hand in marriage. Three, to bare a child of a blue blood vampire.
Of course, to come across a blue blood vampire anymore was very rare, so option three had been crossed off my list. As for option two... Well marriage at fifteen was out of my head the moment it had left Lord Randolph's lips. The option of waiting till my twenty-first birthday was not very appealing.
I turned my attention to the guards at the main gate. With my sharp senses I could hear their hearts beating slowly, relaxed. I myself am a half blue blood vampire. I do not have a raging thirst for blood, however. The human in me felt somewhat sorry for the guards, they don't know what's coming.
I turn my sharp hearing in every direction. In the east, I can hear the cooks and servants getting ready for the big feast prepared. In the north I hear Lord Randolph's daughter getting dressed. I can hear Lasinia's clothes ruffle as she slips them over her head. Lasinia was not a bad step-sister, in fact she was rather very compassionate. She agreed what her father had done was just down right cruel.
Off to the west I could hear the organist tuning for his performance.
The clock gonged, it was 7 p.m. It was time for the guards to make the rounds on making sure the gate was secure. My fingers dug into the soggy dirt. The muscles in my legs were twitching in uncontrollable spasms. My eyes locked on the men. The first guard moved and the second guard stayed put.
One was quicker and easier than two.
I darted, moving quick. I came up to the guard in a sudden halt. The locks of my hair bounced off of my soaked skin.
"Hey!" He started to scream a throaty gurgle.
I reached out and snapped his wrists. His eyes grew wide with horror. A scream tried to escape from his throat, but my hand was too quick. My fingers dug into the thick tender skin on his neck. I pushed my fingers deep into the tissue, causing the blood to stream down his throat. He started to drown in his own blood... When the First guard came running.
He tried to strike at me but I grabbed his wrist and stretched it behind his neck. I darted behind him and yanked with such force, His arm tore at the socket. He too tried to scream, and this one, escaped. It was such a blood curdling scream, it caught me off guard. The other guards were running at me, closing me in.
I knew there was no escaping, but i had to try. I turned and ran to the gate and started to climb, when one of the guards grabbed my ankle. I pulled with force, but as my ankle slipped free, another guard grabbed my other ankle. That gave two more guards the chance to grab my waist. The two of them pulled together. My hands slipped from the iron gate, and as i was being pulled, a spike went into the skin of my ribs. I could feel my flesh leak out of my body. I was losing blood fast.
After a few moments, due to blood loss, I grew dizzy. But I was concious enough to know that I was headed toward Randolph.


The author's comments:
This is only the first chapter of Falling forever. When I get trough analyzing any feedback, I will continue pasting more. Please Comment what you think. Spare my feelings:)Thank you.

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