Death Wish

December 14, 2009
By Priya SILVER, Tampa, Florida
Priya SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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"Bite me," I said, narrowing my eyes. "If you can."
Zero just looked at me, his eyes narrowed into confused and angry slits as well. "Don't play with me," he said, his deep timbre low and deadly.
I laughed. "Who's playing? You're a vampire, and it's natural for you to drink blood. I'm offering myself freely to you, and you still refuse?"
Zero bared his teeth, the pointed four-inch fangs glistening dangerously. "We both know where this is going," he growled fisting his hands, "and my answer is, and always will be, no."
"Look," i said, my nerves rising, "this isn't Twilight, and I'm not Bella. I know what I want, and only you can give it to me. It's not very often that an Executioner offers up her blood to a vampire. You should take the chance while you have it."
The sudden heat of his arms around my body caught me off-guard. "What the-" I started, but he cut me off when his lips pressed against mine. His kiss was everything but gentle.
Savage, rough, needy, and hard were all the words that ran through my head. I nearly lost myself to him, but a needle-like pain on my lips made me remember what Zero was capable of. He had bitten me.
My Executioner instincts kicked in and I shoved him away from me, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. The blood that clung to my skin was ruby-red. I stared at my hand for a second before glaring at Zero.
He was smiling, one fang wielding a drop of my blood.
"You son of a gun," I whispered.
He chuckled. "You challenged me to bite you. I did."
"Not like that!" I shouted.
He moved in again, but this time, I was prepared. I spun on my right foot, shoving my left one into his stomach.
The kick sent him sprawling across the floor, on his back. He looked up, stunned.
I ran to him, and before he could compose himself, I put my foot on his chest, digging the heel of the black boot firmly into his muscle.
Zero grinned up at me, and I sank the heel in harder.
"You know," he said, clasping my ankle with one hand, "I can easily put you down here without exerting any effort, but, I'll let you think you've won this one."
"Go to hell," I told him, and stalked away.
"Wait," Zero said and grabbed my arm. He spun me around, both hands on my shoulders. "Listen to me, Vanaya," he said. His eyes were blazing as he watched me. "I am a Master vampire, and you are an Executioner. It is your job to kill my kind, not be friends with us. You have amazing skill and brains. I will not turn you into a vampire, no matter how sweet your blood is, or how many times you beg."
I just looked at him.
"Do you understand?" he continued, gently giving my shoulders a squeeze.
"Um," i said, shrugging his hands off, "no, I don't understand. If you have a problem with changing me, then I'll just find another Master vampire. I have my own goals to achieve, and being a good Executioner is only ten percent of that. Don't tell me my life, when you hardly even know me."
Zero's eyes flashed, and he hissed at me.
"Go show your fangs to your girlfriend, because I am not interested," I snapped. "There are other vampires out there who would literally die to get their hands on my blood."
Zero's sudden snarl startled me. I spun away from him, but he was faster. His arms encircled my waist and he pulled me back against his body. "Never," he whispered, his breath tickling my ear. I felt the muscles he possessed bunch up and move as he tightened his arms, crushing me with his inhuman strength. "Never," he repeated, nuzzling my neck, "will i allow another vampire to taste your blood." His lips touched the pulse in my neck and my breath hitched. I felt him smile. "The blood that I work so hard to stay away from, will not be taken by some foolish weakling. There will be a day when I will definitely sink my fangs into your delicate throat, but I will decide when that day will come. Not you, and not anyone else."
His arms let me go so suddenly, I stumbled forward, almost falling flat on my face. I whirled to look at him, my heart knocking wildly in my chest.
Zero's eyes were blood-red, and right then, he seemed very dangerous. His next words were hard and cold. "If some other besides me gets to have your blood, even if it's by accident, then I will kill that person." His eyes narrowed at me, his smile cruel. "And if need be, i will see to it that you are punished as well. By me, personally."
I felt shivers run up and down my spine as I watched him walk away. Punished by him personally, I thought. I didn't know whether to squeal with delight, or run for my life.

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