The Returning Stones

December 4, 2009
By aefn2 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
aefn2 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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It all started a Saturday morning in June when my sister and I asked my mom if we could go to the river in Boulder. We wanted to have some fun but, our mom said that that we couldn’t because the last few weeks strange things had been happening there. We didn’t know what was she talking about, then she told us that they were saying on the news that the people that had gone there these last weeks had DISAPPEARED. No one knew how it had happened.
We didn’t believed her so we didn’t mind and we went there without her knowing.
Once we were there we started to talk with my sister about all the nice things we had passed by (we did that before thinking of getting in the water). Suddenly, we saw a shadow and were scared so we wanted to go back but we had to make an excuse for mom. We sat and tried to calm down to think of the excuse.
While we did that I started throwing rocks in the water. After a minute, my sister saw something in the water. It seemed like a spring trying to rotate in circles and jump, but it couldn’t be. Suddenly the rocks that I threw came back. My sister and I were in shock. My sister turned white like a ghost. I didn’t know how I looked. I was freaked out and I couldn’t talk or move. After a little while we were back to normal. My sister grabbed the rocks. When she was about to throw them back, the rocks got away from her hands and floated in the air and spelled “good bye”
-“What was that?” I said.
-”How can that be possible?” said my sister.
Then we thought we should try to solve the mystery of these strange rocks.
We started looking for clues and thought a little bit too. Then we remembered about the shadow that we saw. Maybe that shadow could have been someone and now he or she was trying to scare us.
-”It will not!” I yelled out loud
After I yelled , I heard some shots.
They were really loud. I jumped from a rock that I was sitting on. I went behind a tree and hid. My sister did the same.
We waited for about 10 minutes and then we came out. We kept looking and looking and at last we saw the shadow again. We followed the shadow this time. It got faster and faster so that at last we had to run and so we did. We ran as fast as we could and got to the shadow, it was a man’s shadow. When we got to him, we stopped him. We asked him what was his name.
-”Robert“ he said.
My sister asked him why was he doing all this.
The man said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
We didn’t trust him
He started explaining all that had happened to him and it was pretty much the same story that we had.
He also told us that he was a detective that had been sent to solve this mystery of the missing people.
-”What have you figure out?” said I.
-”nothing really said he” said he.
-”How come?” I said.
-”it’s just that the real problem is in the water and I don’t want to get in”, he said.
-”in the water? How?” I said.
”the people that are missing were in the water when they disappeared,” he said.

When we were having that conversation we saw a whirlpool in the water. Then I thought that it could have been the reason why the stones returned. But that didn’t explain the missing people and the stones writing “good bye” in the middle of the air. We decided that all three of us would go in the water but we needed breathing equipment to survive. Now the problem was that we didn’t have any.
Than we started thinking where we could get it. After 5 minutes Robert said, “I think there’s some in the agents’ secret place. Maybe I can go get it”.
And he did.
So, we had he equipment now. We put it on. It was time get in but we were afraid of what could happen to us. In that moment we thought that we could get a radio to talk to someone. And we did.
We could talk to another agent if we got in problems down in the water.
Now we had another problem and it was that it could get wet and ruined.
We found some bags behind a mango tree. We took them and wrapped the radio really good in them and got in the water.
We were about 3 meters deep when we started to be pulled deeper and deeper but we didn’t know what it was. Nothing was grabbing us from any part of our bodies.
What could it have been?
We were pulled deeper and deeper. Then, suddenly, it went moving towards our right.
We ended up in a place with air (really weird to me) and the missing people. There were some skulls too. (there were over 50 people).
We took all our equipment off.
All the people were very happy to see us because they all thought we could save them. And, yes, we could. When we got to the part that we needed help, the radio was wet but the batteries weren’t.
When we saw that , everyone was sad. At that moment Robert stood tall and said, “I can fix it. This isn’t a problem for me.” Every jumped from where they were, started to yell, cheer up and whistle happily. So, he fixed the radio and used it. He talked to the other agent a code or a secret language that no one understood except him.
He called some numbers and letters out, and that’s all he said.
30 minutes later, we heard a lot of noise. Then 3 agents got in the place we were and they had a lot of breathing equipment. It was enough for everyone and, luckily, everyone knew how to swim. Finally, we got out of there.
When everyone was safe, we explained to each other what had happened. The agents showed us a shark and they told us that those shark don’t eat people, only other fish. The agents said that they think that the sharks were making those whirlpool. Something that no one could understand was, why were the sharks acting like that?
Then the agents found out that the sharks were in pain because there was too much contamination in the river. They wanted to go to the sea but they couldn’t do it.
Sometimes the sharks were mad at themselves because they couldn’t leave the river. When they were mad they would start swimming in circles and making a whirlpool. Than Robert, my sister and I understood what was pulling us down. It was the whirlpool that thing that didn’t even grab us to pull us.
That solved almost everything.
Now we had to figure out what was making the stones floating in the middle o the air and spelling “good bye”.
The agents said that they just had gotten the approval the day before to use some new technology that had come out for them to use.
They used it and search everywhere.
They started to track some kind of energy. It came from the water. After a while they decided to go search in the water because they didn’t want to get in again because it was too cold.
Then they got in. we waited for a long while. Then, they came out but there was someone else with the agents.
There was silence for a little while.
The silence broke when the guys that was with the agents said, “It’s not my fault. I got this powers and thought it would be fun to play tricks on people and so I did play tricks on this guys”.
Now, everyone was happy, the agents found how to take away the guy’s powers and the agents, my sister and I sbecame famous for solving all this.

The end.

The author's comments:
My native language i s Spanish and in my ESL class we had a Project of writing a mystery story

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