Black Blood

December 11, 2009
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Something was wrong. I felt it in my bones as I stared uncertainly at all the shadowed tombstones. With the moon barely visible, the cemetary looked like something out of a horror movie. The trees were to big, with overhanging branches and too many leaves, while growing in between the nooks and crannies were vines and bushes that looked like they would ensnare you at any second.
A cool breeze rippled through my hair and I shivered. My friends are so stupid, I thought, glancing about again. Who the hell dares people to go play hide and seek at night in a cemetary? And stupid me, not wanting to be the party pooper, went ahead with it. Now, i wanted to kick myself to Mars.
It was too dark to see where anyone was. I squinted, trying not to think about the rotting and deacying corpses beneath my feet. "Alright!" I called out. "I'm coming now."
I forced my feet to move, my breath coming out short and quick. Be calm, I thought to myself. There are no such things as ghosts.
Something brushed against my leg. "What the-" I cried out, whirling.
There was nothing there. I frowned, trying to fight the bile rising in my throat. "Just your imagination, Esha," I said aloud. "You're working yourself up over nothing. Just nerves." Talking to myself calmed me down some.
I walked a little further, until a tree branch hung right over my head. Jeez, where could five people hide in a cemetary?
I crossed my arms and looked up, ready to call it quits, when something on the branch caught my attention.
No, not on the branch. Whatever it was, was swinging ever so slowly, side to side, suspended from the branch.
My growing horror was confirmed when something warm and sticky fell onto my cheek. I gasped and moved back, and the warm liquid started to run in a little river going down.
I shrieked and dabbed at my right cheek with my hand. The flash of red in the little moonlight was enough.
I screamed.
But, it didn't last long.
I felt it's presence behind me before it clapped my mouth shut. I struggled against the person, pulling and clawing, but it was to no avail.
The feeling of my gut being pulled out of my stomach was enough to make me stop though.
It took me a couple more seconds to realize that it was the knife going in and out of my stomach that made me feel like that.
I felt my blood splatter everytime the knife was shoved in.
I was dying, and my friends were going to die as well.
It was only when the blade shone against a sliver of moonlight, that I saw the color of my blood.
Black, I thought, as i fell to the ground. My blck blood is going to feed the cemetary tonight...

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