The End

December 10, 2009
By saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
saostick GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I walked outside with my dark coffee in one hand and my Blackberry in the other. The meeting was about to start in thirty minutes and I was two blocks away. I couldn’t stand sitting inside when the sun was shining and no clouds were in the sky. What shocked me the most was that there wasn’t many people on the streets of Manhattan. I stepped on the curbs of the first block and looked both ways. No cars were coming. I lightly jogged across the newly paved road. I stepped on the curb starting to walk.


“What?”, I whispered to myself turning around looking at the pavement.

There was a three inch crack in the road. I looked to the left seeing a woman on her cell-phone looking at the crack in astonishment. The crack extended throughout the street and to the large building by the woman.


A crack started forming across the building. Glass started falling to the ground as the buildings windows cracked and broke.

The lady started running toward me.


A black Nissan hit the lady at about fifty miles an hour send her spinning through the air slamming against the pavement.


The black Nissan halted to a stop. The driver who had been staring at the building as he drove, stepped out of the vehicle and ran over to the woman. I ran over to where she had been hit.

There was blood everywhere. Her left leg was broke and there was blood coming out of her ears.


The building started falling to its side crushing into the smaller one.

“Run! Run!”, I yelled to the man as he was sobbing.

The man looked up seeing the building then jumped up running. He caught up to me in no time. We stepped on the pavement, stopping in our tracks and falling to the ground as a mini-van and a SUV slammed into each other head on. The driver of the SUV flew out the front window slamming through the mini-van.

I couldn’t stop and see if they were okay because in a matter of seconds I would be engulfed in a dust cloud full of debris. I crossed the street with about five other people.

Vroommm! Crash!

I looked up as I ran seeing a fighter plane slam into a building now hurtling toward us.

“Run faster!”, I yelled to the people in front of me.

There was about another thirty feet till I could turn and hide behind a building. The plane was just feet behind us. I turned quickly jumping behind the building.

The plane’s nose slammed to the ground making the rest hurtle through the air at fifty feet. It was heading straight for the group.

“Watch out!”, I yelled frantically.

It was too late. The plane slammed on the people in a big explosion.


The crack formed before my eyes. It extended across the street.

I hopped up and started running as I knew the dust cloud would catch up to me.


The dust cloud engulfed the street where I just was and it was speeding towards me. It was going to reach me no matter what I was going to do. I opened the door to a flower shop jumping in slamming the door. The cashier was still there staring in awe.

“Get down!”, I yelled at her.

I jumped over the desk hiding behind the desk. The windows burst sending glass everywhere. The dust came in engulfing us. I took my blazer and hid our heads from the debris.

A couple seconds went by till I removed my blazer. I sat up coughing.

“Are you okay?”, I asked the girl that was in shock.

She didn’t answer me as she was staring at the television in the back room. It was on channel fifty-six and the news was on, which was awkward. I stood up walking into the room.

“We do not know what is happening in the United States at this time, but we do know that it is global. In China there has been reports of extremely violent thunderstorms and at least three hundred people are pronounced dead. In France there has been reports of five tsunamis that have engulfed the entire west side. South Africa is experiencing basketball size pieces of hail. Brazil is experiencing five mile wide tornadoes.”, the President paused taking a breath, looking in awe, “ Greenland is experiencing forty foot burning asteroids. And…..and half of Australia is underwater. No……... No further questions.”

The president paused and then started walking off the stage. The crowd he was talking to sat in silence taking all the information in.

“Mr. President?”, one crowd member yelled loud enough for the President to hear.

The President turned around staring gravely at the man.

“Is this……the end of days?”, the man asked in awe.

The President stared at the man with a blank expression.

“I…….I don’t know”, the President said.

He walked off the stage.

I turned off the TV. The girl was still staring in shock. I walked slowly taking everything in. I stepped outside.

Debris was everywhere. People laid on the street dead. The building across the street had cracks in it.


A basketball size piece of hail slammed on the hood of a car sending it hurtling through the air into the window of a McDonalds. Another piece slammed through the building to my left. I turned around going to get the girl.

Crack, crack, crack, bam!

The piece of ice slammed through the building slamming on top of the lady.

“Oh my god.”, I whispered to myself, standing up, running out the door.

“Mommy!”, a little girl yelled at the woman under the piece of ice.

I ran to the little girl.

Bam, bam, crash!

Pieces of hail slammed to the ground smashing everything in its path.

I couldn’t help the little girl even if I could. The Honda was over top of her before I could run ten feet.

I ran to my left. A piece of hail fell right in front of me. The McDonalds doorway was still usable beside the car through the window. I crawled on top of the car. My hand touched the exhaust burning it. I removed my hand quickly grabbing it and quickly falling off the car into the damaged McDonalds.

My back landed on a piece of cement sending pain through my spine. Sitting up, I saw a few people huddled in a corner. I got up and walked to the group.

“Is everyone okay?”, I asked them.

An old-man spoke for all of them, “Yes, were just scared.”

“Everything’s gonna be okay”, I said with enough courage as I could, “but we need to get out of here.”

“Where can we go. Outsides not safe. Buildings are being turned to rubble. Hail is falling and it’s eighty-seven degrees outside. Cracks appeared in the ground and as soon as that happened all of this started.”

“I know. I was outside. I saw a lot of people die. Do you have any idea what is happening?”

“No bu…”

“It’s the end of days”, a woman interrupted.

Everyone sat and stared at the woman.

“What do you mean the end of days?”, I asked.

“Everyone, everything on this planet, is, no, will die”, She said making it clear that she was not kidding.

I paced around.

“You don’t actually believe this woman, do you?”, the old man asked me.

“No I don’t because we are going to make it out of here”, I said with as much confidence I could put out, “There is a subway station just a few blocks from here. We can go down there and wait this all out.”

“Sounds like a plan to me”, the old man said.

He stood up and came over to me. He held out his hand.

“The name’s Roger”, he said.

I shook his hand.

“My name’s Sean”, I said, “There’s an exit through the kitchen which will make our walk shorter.”

“And how do you know Mr. Business man?”, Roger asked in a sarcastic tone.

“I used to work at McDonalds”, I replied.

“Oh”, he turned to the group, “Well come on people we gotta move.”

We moved through the kitchen to the emergency door in the back.

The author's comments:
Hey readers. dont post comments on this. post it on the continued one, i couldnt put the entire thing because it was to long so its going to be called the end chapter 1 cont.

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