Midnight Bite

December 10, 2009
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The caress on my bare arm startled me awake.
I sat up, clutching my blanket to my chest, my eyes roaming around the blackness of my room. What the hell was that? I thought.
When my eyes ajusted to the darkness, I saw that everything was as it should be. Nothing was out of place. A cool breeze ruffled my loose, black hair, and I shivered.
Had I left the window open?
I glanced at it, and to my shock, it was opened all the way. "What in the world?" I said outloud.
Even if I had left it open, there was no way I would've left it open that big. I jumped out of the bed and ran across the room, nearly tripping over a stuffed animal that lay carelessly on the floor.
The moonlight shone brightly outside, and I gazed at it for a couple of seconds before slamming the window shut. Wierd, I thought, with a frown.
It was then that I saw the shadow that lurked only a few feet away from my window.
Squinting, I pressed my face against the glass, mixed feelings running through my gut.
I couldn't see who the person was, but the shadow was large enough for me to guess that it was a male.
My heart started to pound against my rib cage.
Who the hell would be out there so late in the night?
And just like that, the shadow melted away. Right in front of my eyes, it disappeared.
I blinked a couple of times, not believing what i was seeing. There was just no way someone could disappear like that. And I wasn't a person who believed in ghosts either, so that wasn't an option.
My hands moved to push the window open. Whoever it was out there, they were seriously going to get a peice of my mind, even if my parents grounded me for the next five months.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you."
I whirled, my heart pumping adrenaline-filled blood. "Who are you? And how the hell did you get in here?" I said to nobody i could see. "Hell" seemed to be my favorite word right then.
"Shh, sweetheart," the voice said again. It was definitely male. "I won't do anything to hurt you."
I gave a dry laugh. "Right. You sneak into my room, don't let me see your face, and you expect me to trust you. Yeah, like that'll really happen."
He laughed this time. "Don't worry, I'll let you see my face."
I strained to hear the sounds of his footsteps, but all that greeted me was silence.
The sensation that someone was behind me suddenly made my gut churn. It didn't help either when I felt a hand snake around my waist, and another across my mouth.
I struggled against his strength, but I only succeeded in tiring myself out. I sagged against him, hoping that he would fall for it and loosen his grip.
"oh, no," he said, tightening his grip. "I'm not letting you go just yet."
"I'll let you go, right after this."
He used the hand around my mouth to pull my head to one side, exposing my neck. If i had been able to speak, I would've asked him if he planned to drink my blood.
His breath was hot on my neck as he exhaled softly. My body started to relax by itself, the tension seeping out like hot steam. But all that shattered when i felt him lick my neck.
My body stiffened, and i bent my arm to elbow him, but he pulled me back until i pressed against him. My eyes widened in surprise, as i realized i could feel the solidness of his body and the rock-hard muscles that adorned them.
"Don't struggle too much," he whispered into my ear.
His teeth were on my neck, soft and gentle, but then, i felt it.
Needle-like pain searing through my neck.
I closed my eyes against it, thinking of how only moments before, i had been jokingly thinking about it.

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