Jordan's Poison

December 10, 2009
By Ninjabird BRONZE, Stansbury Park, Utah
Ninjabird BRONZE, Stansbury Park, Utah
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Beep… Beep…

Jordan’s eyes flooded with white lights pouring in from all directions, slowly dilating into a picture. The colors started forming into shapes and solid objects. He tried to blink, he couldn’t. His eyes were paralyzed and petrified when he started gaining a bering on his current location.

Beep… Beep…

Long white curtains surrounded him on his hard bed. His eyes were fixated forward, that’s how they stayed. From what he could tell to his left was the giant beeping machine; to his right his little sister Alicia was caressing his lifeless hand. Jordan couldn’t see clearly but she looked exhausted, even her always pampered raven hair was dirty. He couldn’t feel her touch at all.
He was in a hospital.

“What’s going on?” his thoughts moved slowly “What happened?!” Jordan struggled to speak, to move, to anything, but his body never responded. “I’m trapped! Can anyone even hear me?” he started panicking “Does anyone know I’m alive?”

Alicia looked into his eyes “Can you hear me big bro?”

“Yes!” he pleaded “I’m here, please help me!” seconds felt like minutes when he couldn’t move, only his confusion held back his aggravation.

“Do you remember when Mom and Dad died when our house caught fire? And you pulled me out through the fire” Jordan sensed something off with her tone, she was happy; no sadness was surfacing at all. “That night you promised me you would take care of both of us, even though big bro was still in high school.”

Jordan couldn’t take it much more “This isn’t story time Alicia, I need help! Help me please I’m begging!”

Beep… Beep…Beep…

“You made it to college and started doing well” she continued “You were trying to fill your promise the whole time”

To Jordan’s complete shock she pulled her hands off his and held her mouth from giggling “We both knew you were just telling lies to make me feel better. Meanwhile you spent most of our inherited money on college and books, we were running low after your first year”

“We have plenty of money! Let me out and I’ll tell you! Help me! Please help me!”

Alicia’s constant smile went away “Actually you were just a cancer” she spat full of hate “You were driving us broke!”

“That’s not true” Jordan screamed in his head “I was going to get a high paying job so we wouldn’t have to ever worry about money again! Just hear me out!”

“But everything’s okay!” she sung in delight letting a blush spread across her face “You still kept your promise; you’re the best big bro ever!”

“What are you talking about?” Jordan noted his vision was minutely increasing, and to his left the giant machine actually had a cord running down into his neck, it was breathing for him. “What’s happened!?” fear swept over his body.

“I really hope you can hear me!” she beamed “I want you to know how important you are! The fact you’d die for me is so cool, I can’t even really describe it!” she reached out and grabbed his hand again.

“Die! I’m not dead! How is that even cool! I can’t move! Help, help me!”

Alicia kept with her joyful mood “Well you didn’t die for me on purpose, it was actually the poison did that, but I know you would die to keep our promise! That’s why I love you big bro! The fact that you drank the poison water last night without question was like a sign, were both happier like this! You really kept your promise!”

“What!” he yelled in disbelief “You what!? Jordan’s confusion flipped to anger “Why?! You idiot! I trusted you, were family! Help me!”

Alicia leaned down to his face and put her lips to his cheek “The poison isn’t enough to kill you. That’s why I’m betting you can hear me, it simply looks as though your in a coma, even the doctors think that” she let out another devilish giggle “Actually in a few hours you’ll be able to move and breathe on your own!”

“Come on!” Jordan pushed every ounce of energy into his right are “Come on move!” he strained the little he could as his hand lifted slightly and fell back down.

“Huh?” Alicia watched curiously “Your recovering quick, that’s not good” she laid his right arm down on the bed and punched it, “So stop it!”

“Ahhh!” This time Jordan could feel all the pain.


“Just so you know” Alicia stated “The more you resist the longer it will take to complete your promise, once you give up I can take the inheritance money!”

“I don’t care about the stupid promise! I want to live!” he almost cried “You really won’t murder your brother for extra cash!?” he tried looking over, disappointed at his little sister.

By Jordan’s feet an opening in the curtains appeared and a nurse walked in holding a long syringe in her hand. She closed the curtain and walked over to Jordan’s left side beside the machine. After looking at the machine she checked over with Alicia “Are you really okay with this?”

“Yah” she feigned sadness “He wouldn’t want to live like this”


The nurse nodded and poked the Syringe into Jordan’s arm.

“I’m here! I’m alive! Please don’t! Wait!”

The serum was injected into Jordan’s arm with a swift push; spontaneously the room went back the blinding white. He lost his vision “Wait…”

Alicia whispered into his ear “Make sure to tell Mom and Dad your just as stupid as them big bro”


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