The Sinner

December 9, 2009
By IvanF BRONZE, Spring, Texas
IvanF BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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Leon hears the noise he has been hearing for many days from the old building. It’s the noise that has been repeating for days. He couldn’t stand it anymore, it was driving him crazy. Every time he would come to the window he was wondering what it was. But he always walks away in the end. One night when James, his older brother, who’s going to college, came with his friends and they made a party.
I was on that party, I saw Leon standing in the corner. I saw that something is not right and I knew him since he was little, so I left responsible to see what’s happening. What’s wrong?” I asked. “See that building over there?” He pointed through the window out. “What’s wrong with it?” I couldn’t see anything unusual, just an old building, probably abandoned, that is going to be broken or sold. “I hear noises every night coming from that direction, I know I’m being a bit paranoiac now, but I wake up sometimes in the night and I could hear strange voices, and sometimes it reminds me of a woman, screaming for help.” He was afraid; I could tell by his tone and look in his eyes. To be honest, I was also scared a little bit, but I couldn’t let him realize that so I just said, “Oh Leon, don’t worry, I had bad dreams and bad imaginations when I was your age also!” I smiled and walked away. James went to the room with a girl, for that time, everyone left, and I sat alone in Leon’s room, and I heard the noise. I didn’t want to believe that it sounds like a woman screaming, but it did. I was terrified. I was standing there, looking out through the window and didn’t move for twenty minutes.
“I guess you believe me now don’t you?” I jumped; Leon was at the door, scared more than before. “No, what?” I tried to act stupid. But it didn’t work; he just gave me a “Don’t think I’m stupid” face. I realized that I have to start being serious about this. I knocked on James’s doors.

He didn’t answer, so I got in. He was lying next to a girl, and looked at me, started waving with his hand and smiling. “Get up, we need to go,” I said. He got up angrily and walked out of the room, when he approached I felt his breath that wasn’t so nice even when he wasn’t talking. “Just tell me one thing, are you crazy? What is wrong with you tonight?” he continued. “Come with me,” I said with angry face so he can know that it’s not a stupid thing. I pulled him inside Leon’s room and shushed him for a minute. Then it started again. He looked annoyed first, but after two minutes of hearing the sound, his face changed. As soon as I saw that face, I knew that he’s coming up with an idea, “Let’s go, we’re going inside that building,” but not so stupid, to be honest.
As I never disappointed him, and never let him down in any, however crazy it is, plan, I just felt I have to nod, even I knew it was wrong. We entered his room, where his girl was still sleeping. She woke up, and just stared at us. He opened his closet doors, grabbed two bags and went out of the room. He threw one bag to me, and started opening his one. I opened my bag, and realized that a gun and ammunition are inside. We went down, he had that serious face all the time, and I just knew he was very angry, and when he is, stay out of his way, or conversation with him.
When we went out, his face changed from serious to doubt. He just knew that what we’re doing might not be the best thing to do. We walked towards the building, and said no word to each other. I know he hated me at that moment, but it is not the thing that you just walk away from. And it was his idea to go there, so I didn’t care. We stood in front of the old house for a while. “So, I want to know if you are going to give me hard time about this later,” he said without turning his face to me. “I will not. With one rule, if you think reasonable, in every situation, whatever happens, ok?” I said looking towards the door. “Sure.” We finally got inside, and when we did, I just wanted to go back. Old garniture, lamps, spider webs around us. James entered the

big room. The big room, or the Hall, was complete opposite. Even it was obvious that no one touched it for years it still looked majestic. The huge dancing space, balcony on the sides and chandelier, everything was just so elite, luxury. If I didn’t know that it was just a house of a rich family I would definitely think that it’s a castle. James looked at me, and looked like a happiest man in the world. “I thought this is going to be dangerous, but this is just… It’s wonderful,” he placed his gun on a table next to him, spread his hands and started looking around, clearly amazed. “I am going to make, a biggest party of all time in this house,” James stupidly proposed. “Judging by your voice I can tell that you’re actually serious,” I said with anger. “Why? You think that it’s going to be a big deal to make a one night party here? You think that the owner is going to come that night and he didn’t for decades obviously?!” He started yelling like I’m saying really bad things. He looked like he’s being control minded by the castle! I just stared at him hoping that it’s all because he’s drunk. “James, you already forgot about the lady screaming in this house did you?” I was really mad now, “No, I didn’t, but obviously, there is no woman in here, unless you see her? Because I don’t,” He said rudely. So he did, he made a party tomorrow night, it was I great party, I have to say, but I knew it’s wrong. After hours of good fun, she appeared. Beautiful, with blue eyes, in black dress, she went down, looked at James and started screaming, ran towards him and gave him a kiss. I was frozen. As soon as he took that kiss his face turned white. And he ran out the room, and woman fell down, dead. I never saw him again in my life, but the worldwide story was that he became “The Sinner.” When I realized what that was, I was hoping that I will not see him again, even thou he was the best person I ever knew.

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Scary short story

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