A Snowy Prison

December 7, 2009
I looked around me, everything I saw was white. Pure white. I took another step and my foot melted into the the soft cold ground. Water and snow seemed to crystallize around my ankle. I took another painfully difficult step lifting my heavy shoe out of the freezing ground and moving it an inch in front of my left foot. Then, I looked up, fog distorted my view, I could barely see my hand in front of my face, but I knew what I was seeing. I was squinting until it seemed that my eyes were closing, but still, I knew what I saw. Light.

I felt as though all I could do was move at a turtle's pace. I could feel the cold wind as it ripped through my thin jacket whipping icy crystals against my skin. I was used to the cold, much to used to it, but this time is seemed as though the cold would finally get to me. There was no use shivering as the icy hail showered down upon me, it was like shards of glass were being thrown into my back... Again. I reached down and took a freezing fistful of ice. I needed something to calm my fiery throat. As the cold ice slipped down into my esophagus, I felt my organs freeze inside of me.

There was no noise in the white valley around me. No sound, nothing. It was scarier to me than anything else I'd ever faced. My ears throbbed from the cold silence around me. All I could do was take one... last... step. I shivered one more time before I finally felt warm inside. I looked down at my purplish/blue hand. It was still bruised, but the pain was numbed by the cold. I tried to move my swollen fingers, but nothing happened.

I looked up one... last... time and a brilliantly bright light was shining in my face. Behind the bright light, I saw the childish face of an angel. His skin was dusty white, he had perfect sea green eyes and his lips were red as the berries I used to steal when I was younger. The light caused heat to flow through my body like a dam finally being released. I felt like I was being released from this cold snowy prison. I was finally warm. I would be warm forever.

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