Five Minutes

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous

‘This is too easy.’ I smirked as I put down my pencil. I had just finished my Spanish test in five minutes; a new record. I look around, everybody was not done yet. Yawning, I put my head down. ‘I’m so sleepy, stupid Physics homework... keeping me up all night!’ I close my eyes, bored; thinking of something to do to pass the time.
Moments later, I hear distant footsteps. I slowly open my eyes, finding my self alone in the dark classroom. ‘What the heck? Where’s everyone? Why didn’t anyone wake me up?’ I shrug off my confusion and exited the dark room towards the dark hallway. As I walk, I can hear the footsteps get nearer, followed by a heart-racing growl. Panicking, I quickened my pace and hear the footsteps do the same. ‘Geez, when did the hallway grow longer?’ I look back towards the corner and saw a faint shadow grow bigger. I look with anticipation as it was about to turn, revealing the owner of the footsteps...
“Cinco minutos mas.” I bolt up, a small gasp escaping my lips. I look around; I was back in the bright classroom. ‘Whoa! That was weird’ I thought, feeling my heart racing from the day mare I just had. I felt a light tap on my shoulder, “Are you okay?” my friend whispered. I nodded and sit up not daring myself to put my head down again.

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