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November 27, 2009
By Katie888 BRONZE, Warsaw, Other
Katie888 BRONZE, Warsaw, Other
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It was full moon unlike usual Halloweens. I don’t think anything will happen, it’s just a new cemetery and that’s all. Everyone’s dead, at least that’s what everyone believed, I believed so too. I kept walking around graves, they weren’t dead long ago, and most of them were dead in 2009. Then I saw a grave, she died in April 1999. I took a picture of the grave; you could hardly see anything but the flash focused on the coffin, but the name wasn’t the only thing that was focused with flash. There was a white shining silhouette of someone on the coffin. It was normal to have the white shining silhouette when you use flash, it wasn’t my first time I’ve seen it. My camera started taking the coffin in continuous mode. I ran with the camera when I got to my friend’s car it stopped shooting. Instead I heard noises, someone whispering into my ears.
I came back home and placed the camera on the kitchen work table. I didn’t bother to look at the pictures, I just went to bed. I tried to sleep, but I still heard someone whispering to me. I went back to the kitchen to get sleeping pills. The camera was in the way. Without even noticing my own acts I turned the camera on and, looked at the pictures. The white shining lines looked like a shape of people.
I download the photos, and I zoomed in it. On the shining lines there it was written, “600099357”. It was someone’s phone number. It started calling, no one picked up, instead it answered, and “I’m Andrea. I have been murdered by my boyfriend. I need revenge or else I will never be able to rest in peace. Please help me; you will be awarded with a special wish of yours. “I couldn’t believe it. First why did he kill her? How could I see the silhouette and send me messages? How did I even hear her?
I researched about her death. Her death was well known, and as she explained it was a murder. She was shot in the head while she was driving out of her boyfriend’s house. She died eleven years ago, and no one found who murdered her. Her family tried but they gave up, and her ex committed suicide.
I was blank. What was I suppose to do? Her ex killed her, he was dead. There wasn’t anything much I could do for her. What did she mean by the revenge?
I drove straight to the cemetery; I tried to find her coffin. It wasn’t there anymore. Sun was about to be set, I went to McDonalds, they didn’t have anything made. I was looking at the newspaper they had, it was from June 1999, 10 years ago. 1999! It was the year she was murdered. Obviously, there was an article of her.

New York Journal, June 27, 1999

Andrea Antoinette was shot in the head while she was driving out of her friend’s house on April 20, 1999. She was moved to the hospital but she has left her family after 4 hours. She was in a coma, then she got a heart attack, but her heart couldn’t recover and lead her to death. Andrea Antoinette, a college graduate, and was working at a local hospital, studying for her doctor degree test which was held yesterday. She lived a very short shining life. She was buried next to her father in Philadelphia. Her family is still looking for her murderer. Her boyfriend, who was a famous young song writer, left NYC to live near her grave, Philadelphia. As a song writer he wrote songs for her and sang it to her every day. Her family donated her organs and helped 9 people. The case is still not solved, if you have any information about the murder please report to the near police office.

I had a lot of questions about the news. From what I know her boyfriend has committed suicide after her death, next she is not buried in Philadelphia she’s buried in NYC. I visited the cemetery at midnight, and I heard her again. This time I had a real conversation with her. Her boyfriend killed her, he didn’t commit suicide, he moved her to NYC and he’s having a romantic life in Philadelphia with another women.

After that night, I drove straight to Philadelphia, and looked for her old boyfriend. Just like she guessed he still had a black Mercedes, it was the car that she was driving with, when she was partially dead. He was with the women on the picture and it looked like they had twin, if Andrea’s math was correct they should be 6 by now. He was staying at his house, the whole day and his wife went to the hospital after she dropped her kids. I guess Andrea’s boyfriend liked doctors. I came back to the house; I sneaked into the parent’s room and left my belonging and an extra pair of pants there. Inside the pants I left Andrea’s old name card. The wife knew who Andrea was, so it was better to put hers then my own. I went to the twin’s kindergarten and picked them up and locked them in the car.

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