Wheel of Cheese Robbery

November 24, 2009
By ChrisN SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
ChrisN SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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“We have a 9-16 in progress at the Pick N Save on Ryan Street.” That was the first thing that I heard as I entered the cruiser to start my day. You are probably confused at what a 9-16 is… so I will explain it to you. A 9-16 is a robbery (that is what the 9 is) but not just any robbery, it was a…. Wheel of Cheese Robbery.
My day started out the same as every other day. I woke up, took a shower, and then read my code of ethics. I feel that my actions in the morning are inexorable, I do them every day. I got to be on top of my game, I have to be im the lead reporter to the Cheesebourrogh times in Milwaukee, WI. My job is rough. I have to interview people all the time, ask them all of these inane questions. People don’t believe that my job is clandestine; I have to go undercover, drive in police cruisers (that’s my favorite). To make sure that people understand about the rampant crime.
I had a wheel of cheese robbery to report. Two culprits got away with a five ton wheel of cheese. Yeah I said, it 5 TONS. I wondered wouldn’t it be completely flagrant, watching people get away with a five ton wheel of cheese? That is why I believed that it was an inside job. I knew that someone had to know about the cheese before it was stolen, so I asked around. I figured out that one of the warehouse workers was arrested for cheese napping a few years back.
A few minutes later, I find my self at the police station. “So I says to the guy” I hear the police having there conversation so I sat there and waited. After 20 minutes has passed and I am still sitting waiting to be helped, I ask. They wonder why I am here in the first place; I explain the story to them in as much detail as I can. They both look at each other and concur; they will go after the man.
The police surround the warehouse; break in the door and what was sitting in front of them. It was a 20 foot crane, and it was holding a five ton wheel of cheese. It seems today I am not just a reporter. I am a detective.

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