With Sight

November 23, 2009
By smallnmighty BRONZE, Norcross, Georgia
smallnmighty BRONZE, Norcross, Georgia
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"Everything happens for a reason."

Light streamed through my eye sockets like a long lost friend. It shot through the forever blackness between my pupils and created a rainbow of sight across my mind. Pain struck my eyeballs and created a sensation that antagonized my brain for a light year at a time. The saturation of the colors overwhelmed my thoughts and could not be comprehended by my consciousness. All of the colors blurred together into one single hazy fog, but was not a concern to me. All I knew was that I was experiencing an almost once in a life time feeling. It was unbelievable. With the light, came sight, and with the sight, came understanding and knowledge. But with that understanding and knowledge, came so much confusion and questions. So many that I could not conceive them within a lifetime.

The first blur that became understandable shocked my memories. Déjà vu hit me from all sides. With only one clear sight I could make out the rest of the picture from the thoughts I had put into her through-out my nothingness. No longer was there blood streaming from her side. No longer was pain, fear, or death holding her eyes captive. Her complexion was perfect and her gaze took the mind on a journey through wild winds and captivating currents. Waves of blonde hair flowed atop her head to meet her shoulders with a simple kiss of gratitude. Blue eyes defined her persona like bright spot lights sparkling off the finest china.

I made an effort to speak, but nothing came forth with my tongue. I saw confusion, then realization in her face. I heard her say, “Go back to sleep my friend, you will be well soon enough,” without any movement on her part. Then, I pondered what had occurred and became confused. “Usually things like this do not happen to me,” I thought, “For I am normal, just like everybody else….” But then sleep engulfed me into a new world; not a world of nothingness, but of sights and feelings, of smells and tastes.

Her picture came into my mind; her blond hair and her words of wisdom. She sat there next to me with the wind in her hair, pushing her rays of gold against the head rest. Her smile easily lit up the whole space. Everything was perfect, everything was just as I wanted; just as we both wanted. We had to raise our voices over the rumbling roar of the engine to be heard. We were jiggling across the rough pavement with joy jiggling our hearts. But then, a blinding light came into play. At first, it was only a light, but soon it became a killer. All hell broke loose. Everything came to an abrupt halt into that light. Slow motion kicked into play, just as it does in the movies. Glass shattered, metal melted, rubber cracked, paper rumbled. Fire sprang out from places where fire couldn’t originate. Her beautiful clean hair became ravaged with blood and dirt. Her limp body erupted from her seat and hit the concrete in one smooth movement. And then, it all stopped. Within a second it was over. It formed into nothing again and the remnants of time had ceased.

My eyelids split to a tickle on my palm. Her eyes immediately shot out with joy and rang with excitement. She sprang up and galloped out of the room. Her footsteps started out loud, but scampered into a faded nothing. This awareness with the nothing created a combination that I began to take full advantage of. I let the light seep into my eyes. I saw the space around me. It was a small square, big enough for about three or four people to fit comfortably into. Scattered across the wall were photos, creations, mixes, colors, and squiggles that formed one great scene. Two large windows were placed in front of me. They created two large holes in the wall. Next to the windows was a door. The door was made of solid wood. Fire wouldn’t be able to smash through it even if it was sent by God himself.

Two figures appeared in the window with such quickness that it shattered my combination of thought and nothing. I shut my eyes to close myself off from this confusion and fear. Without any delay, a loud, eerie, warning signal-like beep shrieked throughout my world. It continued on and soon I could sense the presence of hundreds of people surrounding me. Deafening screams now camouflaged the beeping mess. A cold surface hit my chest. It struck me with bolts of lightening. Once, twice, thrice it traumatized my chest; each repeated only a few mere seconds after one another. Then all was silenced. The crowds of shouts ceased. Anxiety soon filled the room. It became the only feeling in the world to me. And then it stopped. That annoying fearful beep that had once encircled everyone’s thoughts and actions cutoff and a steady even beep took its place. Cheers were heard by my ears and the anxiety that had once been my only choice, left forever in that moment. I heard the familiar words, “Go back to sleep my friend, you will be well soon enough,” from a familiar calming voice. I subconsciously decided to listen and I was overwhelmed with peace and serenity. And finally, I returned to my resting place of nothing. But, this time, it was different. There was a sense of hope this time; a sense of dignity. And so I began to wonder, “Is this the beginning to my journey through life?”

The author's comments:
This is the second part to, "A Gloomy Illusion," so please read that story before this one.
This story hopefully will make you think.

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