Summer night Killer

November 23, 2009
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It was a warm summer night in August; the moon had a Vanilla type
Glow to it, illuminating the stars making them seem closer then ever. Ricky and Beth where sleeping in one tent and Justine and Kim in the other.
“Ricky are you awake?” Beth said. “Yeah Beth what do you want?” said Ricky. “I just want to let you know that I love you” Ricky got up, “Babe I love you to, where going to stay together forever and die together” Beth smiled “promise?” “I promise babe, thank god you choose me over your stupid boyfriend
at the time, now look how happy we are”
“Vlad was just to obsessed and clingy and rude but I’m really happy with
my choice” Beth said while smiling.” There was a rustle in the bushes. “What was that?” Beth whispered “Probably cute little squirrels getting frisky haha now I have to go
Mother Nature as a toilet ill be right back,” said Ricky. “Ok just hurry up” Ricky ran off into the dark. Not knowing where to go Ricky decided to huddle behind a tree and
“Oh yeah…” Ricky says while urinating on the tree trunk. While walking back to campsite he notices someone running towards him.
2Qutub “What the hell? Who is that?” “Ricky! Ricky!” Beth screams while tears run down her face “Beth? What? What? What?” “He killed them!” “Who?” “Justine and Kim!” she said while stuttering numerous times. “Who killed them?” asked Ricky. She looked up at Ricky and pointed towards the campsite. Ricky couldn’t
believe what he saw his palms got sweaty and his pupils instantly opened wide. He saw a man just standing their facing their direction. Ricky turns toward Beth and says
“We have to get the hell out of here” “Ricky how, All our stuff is back there our cell phones our car keys
and the main road is miles away from here,” said Beth
“Wait how do you know he killed Justine and Kim?” “I saw him slice there throat while they where sleeping, it was
horrible, Ricky and he saw me run out of our tent, he knows where here. He’s going to kill us!” she said while crying.
“Get a hold of yourself women!” Ricky turned around to look at the killer again. He was gone. “Beth he’s gone, lets run back and get the car keys and leave.” “Are you sure its not a trap or something?” 3Qutub
“Babe I wouldn’t put you in danger and I promise nothing will happen to you so lets go before it’s to late”
They both bolted as quickly as they could towards the campsite. When they reached campgrounds everything seemed to be fine but Kim and Justine where nowhere to be found. “Beth hurry and grab the key!” whispered Ricky
She grabbed them and they both ran to the car.
“Wait Beth, I’m going to go back real quick to grab my cell phone” “Ricky don’t leave me please!” She screamed at him “Babe trust me it will take me a minute” “Hurry!” Beth yelled
Ricky got out the car and vanished into the dark. While waiting for Ricky, Beth notices a horrible stench.
“Oh my god, what is that smell?” She looks in back seat, and she couldn’t believe what she saw.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Beth screamed. What she saw was truly horrifying, Justine and Kim both dead with
necks half cut off hanging down there shoulder with blood dripping down.
She got out the car and ran but a couple feet away from the car there laid
Ricky on the ground with a sharpened wooden spear going through his chest. Beth Dropped to the ground by Ricky’s body. “Ricky! Why! Ricky I love you! Ricky wake up!” Beth said while
4Qutub Ricky’s face.
“Live together die together” The killer slowly whispered in Beth’s ear.
She turned around and her jaw dropped, it was Vlad. “What the …” Before she could even finish her sentence Vlad stabbed her in the
chest and she fell on top of Ricky and died.
“ I was never obsessed”

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