Blood Lust

November 23, 2009
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The sun is my enemy. Once a pleasure that has now become a distant memory which burns me. My muscular yet slender figure moves swiftly across the earth beneath. The grass blades not disturbed by the subtle movements. Approaching the destination, my appetite was persistent, never can it be quenched. Although it was a bitterly cold night, the hairs on my neck did not stand on end, and I did not feel the chill on my translucent skin. The amber eyes which stand out even against my prominent features, pulsated as I heard her breath for the first time, my masculine body yearned for her. Little did she know, this would be her final resting place.
Stopping instantly, I pondered whether or not to continue with my gruesome objective, however my inner mind was whispering that her fate was pre determined and that even I could not escape destiny. The dark clothing that surrounded me only added to the bleak atmosphere of unchangeable tragedy. At that moment the light that shone on my cloak faded away, I knew that it was time to prepare for the feast.
As the sun said its final farewell, the land before me was covered in darkness. The once glorious house, painted in vivid colours was now robbed of its divinity and shadows encompassed its dark, damp and decaying walls. This building, protruding out of the mist will bear witness to a sight that should never be seen by human eyes. The teeth within my animalistic jaw throbbed to the pace of her heart beat.
The stench of petrol and the crunch of the pebbles on the drive way overpowered me, her sweet fragrance vanished momentarily. The beaten up car with rusty windows and damaged bumper had definitely seen better days, however it was youthful in comparison to myself. She elegantly strode out of the car, her perfect form enticed me and shone in the eery moonlight. The wind roared as if to warn her but acted as my ally revealing a swan like neck, never have I felt so much passion or longing. She will be mine.
My monstrous instincts seized control, suddenly I reverted into my true self. In this form I no longer feel pity, after centuries of this frequent task, killing has become nothing more than a monotonous habit which will never deteriorate. It is pleasurable to observe the horror overflowing out of fresh, innocent eyes as well as their ear piercing squeals which cry for a sweet release from torment. My mere presence sucks the life out of a room, like a flame being extinguished by the wind. The unknowing victim has been chosen and to this day, no mere mortal has ever escaped from my grasp of misfortune, deadly misfortune, and no-one ever will.
As she approached the decrepit door she paused, as if hearing me, had I been to careless, did she sense the prying eyes boring into the back of her flesh? My nostrils flared as I savoured her blood on my pursed lips. Lunging forwards devouring her neck, my canines ripped at her flesh, tearing her soul as the life left her eyes. Every mouthful of blood was a delicious appetizer for the meal before me.
The feeding frenzy finished with a deadly silence, no exasperated screaming, no short shallow breaths, no beat left in her heart, the fight was over, once again the murder was not evaded, I had conquered all. People call me the messenger of death, one who has survived a lifetime of disaster, death and desolation. My purpose is to eradicate the vermin of this world, as if I am the magma of fatality which destroys anything that it touches.
Licking the last remains of her crimson blood, I stood over her limp, lifeless body, soon I will depart the scene satisfied. My thirst has been satisfied. Never yet have I felt sorrow, never yet has remorse battled with my long lost conscious, this is BLOOD LUST.
I’m not sorry...

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