Time to take a risk

November 23, 2009
By Erin696 BRONZE, Brattleboro, Vermont
Erin696 BRONZE, Brattleboro, Vermont
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When life gives you leamons you make apple juice!

It was dark night, cars racing around the apartment building, but Eamon didn’t care he was watching as it seems football and yelling at the television franticly. He couldn’t relax because his upstairs freaks were playing there music, metal. He looked across the room at a broom and then at the chipped ceiling. Eamon heard the music turn off then walking
Then stomps, running WHAM! Into the wall, “they must drunk again.” Eamon declared.

You see Eamon didn’t really get along with people whenever he was going to meet someone new he would just stare with a blank look. He would only talk about sports and kittens. He was a strange boy. When he first met his neighbors they came to his door with their Mohawks and nose piercing. Eamon slammed the door right in their faces then he opened it again to see their faces a quiet chuckle and he was done Eamon slammed it once more.

Eamon stared at the ceiling blankly then heard fighting
“Oh great. Must they doing this while I’m watching Monday night football?” Eamon yelled.
He got his trusty broomstick and started hitting the ceiling with the end of the stick. When he was he done wondered if they would stop. Then they started once more and Eamon did something he would later regret. He’s going up there. That’s right he’s going to meet these freaks. He climbed up the stairs with his remote control for his television. He knocked on the door.
No answer still. He Knocked on the door. They finally answered. “Hola!” said the neighbor Eamon looked around and ran down the stairs right in to his apartment, he slammed the door and stood against it.

The next morning he heard nothing but birds singing, he stood still waiting for the freak to wake up but heard nothing. He decided to go upstairs. He climbed the stairs; it was about noon when he had reached the door. He knocked on the door the neighbor was brushing his teeth “Hey neighbor!” said the neighbor spitting used toothpaste on Eamon’s face. “Hello neighbor.” Said Eamon angrily., Eamon wanted to tear a pillow right in two halves. But instead Eamon covered his ears with that pillow and began to cry. When he decided to stop crying, he started watching the television
But he kept hearing the music through the night and day. It was nonstop, never turned up nor down, not even turned off. So Eamon decided to make his third trip up those stairs. When he got up there he banged on the door. It flew open.
Eamon stared at the stained carpet floor and saw red blotches.

Eamon stood there, mouth wide open. He thought of what his mom told him, don’t leave your mouth open boy. who knows what will get in there? Eamon saw something or someone in the bathroom .
He tiptoed over to the mysterious room and saw a man. The man was tall and had a ski mask on and had an angry look on his face. Eamon went in the bathroom as quiet as he could be, grabbed the man, and tied him up in a chair. Eamon raced over to phone and dialed
9-1-1. Eamon felt breath on his neck then those five words. “I’m going to kill you”
the man said. Eamon whipped around and saw the man was serious. He begged for mercy in his thoughts. The man heard the cops’ sirens and tried to run for it. Eamon kneeled down and grabbed him by the legs. SLAM! The man fell onto the ground. Eamon thought what happened the last time Eamon tied the man up last time. “Let’s go meet your new friends.” Eamon said.

The cops came racing towards the man. They were pleased; an ambulance came rushing towards the building, five men came out of the vehicle. The ambulance workers came out, they ran upstairs to find out if anyone was hurt.
Eamon went up too, and saw men gathered around the bathtub turns out the freak was a hurt victim of this man. He waited until the men came out with the freak. Eamon smiled and looked as they went down the stairs. Eamon returned to his apartment and heard nothing but the talking people on the street below.

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