November 23, 2009
By heart23 BRONZE, Satanta, Kansas
heart23 BRONZE, Satanta, Kansas
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There was a girl named Zoe; she was sixteen years old, and she loved to go on her MySpace. One day a different name popped up and started to talk; he said that he loved her, and he wanted to see her again. Zoe replied saying, “Who is this? I don’t know you.” That night he said that he was going to her house. She was so scared that she went to go sleep with her little sister.
Zoe heard a knock at her sister’s window; she went to go look through the window, but no one was there; it was only a tree branch. She went back to the bed, and the bed was wet and had a horrid smell; she got up to turn on the lights, and she saw her sister dead. She ran to the closet knowing that the killer was still in the room; covering her mouth so she couldn’t scream she saw a shadow cross the room; then it stopped and opened the closet where Zoe had hidden. Let’s just say that she was found skinned the next day.
Two years later, the parents had a baby boy; when he turned fifteen, his parents gave him a laptop for his birthday; he was on his MySpace when, suddenly, his computer went to a chat room, and he was talking to his sister, his dead sister.
Zoe: hey little bro what are you doin
Bro: who the f is this
Zoe: this is your big sis Zoe
Bro: you can’t be my big sis I’m the only child
Zoe: u live in my little sisters room where we died
Bro: this is a joke huh
Zoe: no it’s not go into your closet and look on your wall I put the time the date and me and my sisters name.

Bro: someone could have done that
Zoe: you still don’t believe me than look at the internet and look up the name Donered our last name well lil bro I got to go and I can’t believe mom and dad didn’t tell you about us they should rot in hell well any ways bye and I love you.

The next morning he went to his parent’s room so they could drive him to school, and he walked in and saw that they were skinned alive. He ran to his laptop and started to talk to his sister.
Bro: why did you do that?
Zoe: do what lil bro
Bro: you know what you tramp.
Zoe: you don’t call me tramp because you don’t even know me do you want the same thing to happen to you.
Bro: I’m going to call the cops on you
Zoe: the cops won’t believe you so you’re just wasting your time

The little brother called the cops; the cops came and asked him questions; then he showed the cops the messages. The cops told him that his sisters died fifteen years ago. He got so freaked out that he went crazy crying, throwing things, he started to chat to his sister; she didn’t reply back. The cops cuffed him up and put him in the mental institute. Only a crazy person will kill and skin his own parents.

The author's comments:
this is a re telling of a urbun legend

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