The babysitter

November 23, 2009
By star23 BRONZE, Satanta, Kansas
star23 BRONZE, Satanta, Kansas
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There once was this couple named Tim and Jessica Hazen who loved to eat out. Then they had kids, but they still loved to eat out so they realized if they wanted to eat out they were going to need a babysitter. So they set up a day to interview babysitters. They had a total of 10 interviews, but they really noticed a girl named Kimberly; she was nice, smart, and knew how to cook and clean. She was a college student who loved kids.
Jessica asked, “When do you think you can start babysitting for us?”

Kimberly answered, “As soon as you need me.”
A couple weeks passed, and Kimberly got a phone call from Jessica saying that she and Tim were going to go eat out and asking if she would be able to babysit; Jessica said, “Yes, I am only studying for a test tomorrow, and when I’m done with that, I’m just going to watch a movie.”
Kimberly got in her car and drove across town where Jessica and Tim lived. When she got there, she knocked on the door.
Jessica answered, “Hello, the kids are just watching TV. Come in let me show you the kids. This is Henry and Bella. We will be back by 10:30, so you will get enough sleep for your test tomorrow.”
“Okay, do you want me to cook supper for them?” Kimberly asked.
“That would be lovely,” said Jessica. Soon Jessica and Tim were gone. Kimberly went into the living room to see what the kids were doing.
“What would you kids like to eat?” asked Kimberly.
Bella answered, “Pizza!”
So Kimberly called and ordered a large pepperoni pizza. As the kids were sitting and eating, Kimberly started studying for her test.
When the kids were done, she sent them upstairs to shower and go to bed. After their shower, she went to go put them to sleep. When she was done, she went back downstairs to watch a movie. Not long after she started watching a movie, the phone rang.
She answered, “Hazen residence.”
All she could hear was loud breathing. She was so scared that she decided to hang up. She tried to forget about it by watching the movie. Once again, the phone rang. This time it was Jessica.
“How are the kids?” she asked.
“They’re just upstairs in bed,” Kimberly answered.
When she got off the phone, she heard a knock on the door. She didn’t dare to answer. She went to the door and peered out. There was no one there. She shut the door fast and locked it. Then she went and checked if the back door was locked. When she saw that it was shut, she went back into the living room to finish her movie. Then the phone rang again.
“Hazen residence,” said Kimberly
“I’m upstairs with the kids; come up now,” said the scary voice.
Kimberly hung up and dialed 911.
“911 emergencies,” said the operator.
“Yes, this is Kimberly; I’m babysitting for the Hazen’s, and I’m getting these weird phone calls of this guy that said he is upstairs. Can you please listen in on the line to see where he is calling from so you can tell him to stop because it’s scaring me?” said Kimberly
“Yes, just try to keep him on the line,” said the operator.
“Okay, thank you,” said Kimberly.
When she got off the phone, she went into the kitchen to get some Advil for her head then went into the living room to lie down. She took a nap for like 15 minutes; that’s when the phone rang, again.
“Hazen residence,” said Kimberly
“I’m upstairs, I got the kids, and if you don’t come up I’m going to take them,” said the man.
“Who is this?” asked Kimberly.
“Just come upstairs; I’ve got the kids,” said the man.
Then he hung up the phone. She was so scared, but at the same time she knew she had to be calm. She was waiting for the police to call. Then the phone rang she had a feeling it was the police.
“Hello,” she answered
“Yes, this is the police. We found out where the call is coming from. It’s coming from another line upstairs get out of there now,” said the police.
“Okay, but I can’t leave the kids. They’re going to be alone with that guy.”
“We are sending police right now; just get out of the house now!”
Right away Kimberly dropped the phone and ran outside. That’s when she saw the police. She told them that the guy was upstairs. The police came down with the guy. As he was taken to the car, he smiled at Kimberly. The police told her that she would be okay. That’s when she walked back into the house and locked the door. She ran upstairs to check on the kids. They were asleep. When she walked back downstairs, she looked at the clock it was 10:28 p.m. She saw that the Hazen’s were home.
“Hello, Jessica and Tim, how was dinner?” Kimberly asked
“It was lovely. How are the kids?” asked Jessica
“Oh, they’re just sleeping. So I guess I’m going to go.”
“Thank you for babysitting. I hope you will do it again.”
“Oh, any time.”
After she left she was terrified. She really didn’t want to babysit anymore. She was just glad that she hadn’t told the Hazens anything that had happened. For the rest of her life it still haunted her of what happened.

The author's comments:
This is a re telling of The babysitter.

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